Requirements For Foundation Phase Teaching At Cput (2024)

The foundation phase is a two-year curriculum that provides the foundation for learners to move on to senior school. It is divided into three levels: pre-primary, primary and junior secondary.

In this blog post, we will discuss the requirements for a teacher to teach in the foundation phase at Cput.

Requirements For Foundation Phase Teaching At Cput

1. Be a South African citizen

As a South African citizen, you are required to possess the following:

  • A Bachelors Degree or Diploma in Education with relevant experience and/or training.
  • A certificate or diploma in Mathematics or Science (Mathematics and Science) with at least 60% for the final grade of that subject.

2. A four year BEd degree.

For the Foundation Phase teaching programme, you will need to have a four year BEd degree. This means that your course of study should be in education, and that you can expect to graduate with a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree.

At CPUT, you will be able to do this by completing their Bachelor of Education programme.

At other institutions, there may be different options available: e.g., if you’re studying outside South Africa, they may offer a postgraduate degree as an alternative qualification for entry into the Foundation Phase Teaching Programme

3. Meet the language requirements for Higher Education.

The language requirements are set out in the National Code of Practice and the Higher Education Act. They are based on the language of instruction at your university.

Forexample, if English is used as a medium of instruction at your university, you must qualify with a grade C or above in English Language or ILEX Level 3 Advanced or Proficiency (or equivalent).

4. Provide a certified copy of your School Leaving Certificate.

Provide a certified copy of your School Leaving Certificate.

This is an official document issued by the Department of Basic Education to all matriculating students who have successfully completed Grade 12 or its equivalent.

5. Provide a certified copy of your ID document

You must provide a certified copy of your ID document. The ID document must be a valid South African Identity Document (ID).

It must be certified by Notary Public or SAPS

A certified copy must also be provided

6. Provide a certified copy of your proof of registration for the BEd degree programme

A certified copy of your proof of registration for the BEd degree programme is required.

7. Provide a certified copy of your transcripts of all undergraduate academic records.

Certified copies of all undergraduate academic records issued by the issuing institution.

Transcripts are a record of your academic performance, and should be submitted in original form from the issuing institution. They are usually in the form of a certificate or paper document; however, some institutions provide transcripts as pdf documents instead.

If this is the case for you, please submit both hard copy and electronic versions (e-mailed) with your application package so we can access them easily while processing it at Cput.

8. Submit an academic CV.

The CV should not exceed two pages. It should be in Microsoft Word, PDF or MS Word format. The page size must be A4 and it should use Times New Roman font, single spaced format.

CPUT has specific requirements for Foundation Phase Teaching.

To be eligible for Foundation Phase Teaching at CPUT, you must meet the following requirements:

Be a South African citizen.

Have completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited tertiary institution in South Africa or another country recognized by CPUT as acceptable for admission purposes.

You may also be admitted on the basis of work experience and/or qualification equivalence, if applicable. More information on this will be provided when your application has been received and assessed by CPUT.

Meet the minimum academic requirements specified in Table 1 below:

  • Bachelor Degree (Honours) – Cumulative GPA minimum of 6,00; OR
  • Master’s Degree – Cumulative GPA minimum of 7,0



If you meet the requirements set out by CPUT, then please apply for a position as a Foundation Phase Teacher. It is an exciting time to be part of this sector and we hope that you will consider our institution when you are looking for a new job.

We look forward to welcoming our next generation of teachers!

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