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South Africanza is one of the top information websites created specifically with South Africans in mind. It covers information on educational institutions in South Africa. In line with the strategy implemented by its founder, the site majorly focuses on educational content. Therefore, colleges and scholarships make up a significant fraction of the site’s content.

Everyone is hungry for an education, and it is important to get your information from credible sources. South Africanza has prioritized helping to meet this need and has proven to be a worthy source. South Africa has over 400 great colleges and universities that provide opportunities for prospective students looking for quality education. A good number of these great institutions appear on our site.

Our web pages are essential and credible sources of information. Our experience is reflected in our strategic research method which involves obtaining information from direct links and dependable sources. To sum up, every information found on our site has been carefully researched and are based on thorough and factual findings.

Our mission is to become an authority site, most trusted resource and the “Wikipedia” for information about South Africa’s tertiary institutions. Our site is run by a proficient team of researchers who possess working knowledge of creating high-quality, informative, and credible content that you can trust.


Sarah identifies herself as an ardent educationist whose interest is deeply engraved in the South African educational system. Her writing prowess has been an inspiration to her audience who have felt the impact of her high-standard and well-researched content. Sarah keeps herself up to date with the educational system in South Africa for the benefit of her audience.

After her secondary education in Nigeria, Sarah moved to South Africa for her tertiary education. During the course of her study, the credible educational system she encountered strengthened her interest and birth the desire to see other people through with her content. Sarah prides herself as an authority owing to her first-hand experience and she’s not failed in delivering beyond expectations.

Michael has been through every phase and stage of the educational system in South Africa. He prides himself as an authority regarding everything “South African Educational Institutions”. The passion to own a site that discusses this arose when Michael needed bursaries to pursue his academics and there were little to no credible sights to get his information. He did the hard work and saw himself through school with bursaries.

Being an emphatic individual, Michael knew some people would be out there facing the same problem and some might not be lucky like he was. He armed himself with more information and started writing about obtaining bursaries in South Africa. Every piece of content written by Michael, can be considered as one from someone who’s been through every stage of the process.


The information, created, compiled and published on this site are subject to changes from the direct links. Therefore, such content are equally updated on our site at our discretion and without prior notice to you. Furthermore, the information passed across in our content do not reflect the views of our author but that of the relevant and concerned institution discussed in our content