Who Qualifies For An RDP House In South Africa? (2024)

With the emerging popularity of the RDP Housing program, it is no surprise that many people want to find out who qualifies for an RDP house in South Africa so that they know whether or not to apply.

This is because the program has turned out to be one of the great successes of the South African government; a program that has provided between 2 to 3 million houses, and that is still ongoing; providing very good houses for the poorest in the South African society. If a person qualifies to get an RDP house but fails to apply, he could be doing a great injustice to himself.

The purpose of the RDP houses is to provide accommodation for the poorest in the country; therefore those that qualify for an RDP house in South Africa are those that fall under the poorest and most vulnerable in the country; those with minimal earnings, probably with complicated health issues; and with dependants; especially small children who may be growing up in unhealthy conditions.

If you are living in an informal settlement, or in any other such place that is not a decent accommodation, then you should get your name on the waiting list. but first; read the comprehensive requirements; so as to determine those who qualify for an RDP house in South Africa.

Who Qualifies For An RDP House In South Africa

Please keep in mind that the RDP Housing program is designed to provide help to the poorest and most vulnerable in the country; therefore you will probably not qualify if you are not very poor or vulnerable. Please take a moment to evaluate your circumstances; and determine whether or not you can afford better housing options for yourself, rather than join a line, and potentially take a building that may be the only hope of families that are poorer than you.

Take a minute to read the following requirements for people who Qualify:

You must be a South African Citizen with a valid ID document.

You can also be a documented permanent resident of South Africa.

You must be at least 21 years old, and you must be of sound mind.

You must have not benefited from a government housing subsidy or any other government housing scheme in South Africa.

You must not earn up to R3 501 per month (the whole household).

You must be married, or if you are single, then you must have dependents.

People with health problems are welcome to apply.

Military veterans are welcome to apply even if they are single and without dependents.

You Will Need The Following To Apply For The RDP House:

To prove your qualification for the RDP housing program you will need to produce the following:

You will be required to provide on your application form; your personal information including your phone, email, and alternative postal address.

You will need to provide your ID documents.

You need to provide copies of your marriage certificates, or if you are divorced; your divorce documents.

You will need to provide copies of the birth certificates of all your children/ dependents.

You will need to provide your salary advice; or any document showing how much you earn. Remember that you will not be eligible for an RDP House if you earn more than R3,500 per month in your household. However, you can apply for a housing subsidy from your local municipality as long as you do not earn more than R20,000 per month.

Even if you earn more than R20,000 you can get a mortgage agreement with any of the commercial banks, and then get very good accommodation for yourself and your family.

What About Those Without An ID?

There have been several reports of people not coming forward to get their names on the waiting list of the RDP Housing scheme because they do not have the ID documents that can enable them to apply for an RDP housing unit. Many people want to know whether they can apply for the RDP houses without an ID. The answer is no!

Therefore; the first thing that you should do, therefore, is going to the Home Affairs office and register to get an ID document. In truth that registration and you will not immediately get the ID because there is currently a backlog of applications for the ID that needs to be sorted out. However, the RDP housing program has been in existence for over 20 years and will continue to be around for many years to come. That means there is no rush.

Therefore, go now to apply for the ID document, and then wait for the ID document to be produced; then you can go ahead and apply for the RDP Housing.



Those who apply for the RDP Housing are poor and vulnerable South Africans earning below R3,500 per month for the household. You must also not have received any housing subsidy from the South African government, or you must not previously own a home. The program especially welcomes those with vulnerable children or those with health issues. Veterans of the South African military are welcome to apply.

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