Visa For Mozambique From South Africa (2023)

Many people know that South Africa is a powerhouse in the agricultural industry, but what about Visa? In Mozambique, one of the countries that Visa operates in, the company has made a significant impact. Visa For Mozambique allows South African farmers to export their products to Mozambique without having to go through the arduous process of getting a visa from their home country.

This makes it easier for farmers to get their products to market and eliminates some of the time and cost associated with exporting. This program has had a positive impact on both Mozambique and South Africa, helping to create jobs and increase trade between the two countries. If you’re looking for an example of how business can help improve lives in far-off places, look no further than Visa For Mozambique.


Visa requirements for Mozambique vary depending on your nationality. For most European passport holders, a visa is not required for tourist visits of up to 90 days. For Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians, a visa is required for all tourist visits. Applicants should check the specific requirements of the Mozambican embassy or consulate in their home country.

To apply for a visa, you’ll need to submit an application form along with your passport and visa fee. You can find more information on applying for visas online at the Mozambican Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. It’s important to note that visas are not issued at the airport; you must apply in advance and receive confirmation from the Mozambican embassy or consulate that your application has been received and processed.

Once you have a confirmed visa, it’s important to carry copies of your passport ID page, your visa application form (if applicable), health insurance coverage that covers all countries in which you’ll be travelling, proof of funds equivalent to at least US$ 650 (or R800 if travelling from South Africa) per person per month while in Mozambique, as well as your plane tickets.

Mozambique is located in southeastern Africa and borders Zimbabwe to the east, Malawi to the south and Tanzania to the west. The country has a population of approximately 27 million people and covers an area of roughly 1 million square kilometres.

South Africa

If you are planning to visit Mozambique, you may need a visa. The Mozambican government has recently introduced a new visa policy which requires all visitors to obtain a visa before travelling to the country. To apply for a visa, you will need to submit an application form and provide your passport details as well as two photos. You will also be required to pay a processing fee of US$60. Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by the Mozambican Embassy in Pretoria for further instructions.

The visas are valid for 30 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days if necessary. As of now, South Africa is the only country that offers visas to Mozambique. Unless otherwise noted, all other entry requirements should be followed when travelling to Mozambique. For more information, please consult the embassy website or contact them directly via email or telephone.

Visa Requirements

Mozambique visa requirements are similar to those of most African countries. A passport is required, as well as a visa in advance. Applicants can also apply for a tourist visa if they are visiting for less than 90 days. There is no visa requirement for citizens of 52 African and European countries who hold a valid passport.

How to apply for a Mozambique visa

Step 1: Check if you need a visa to Mozambique.

If you are visiting Mozambique for less than 90 days, you do not need a visa. However, if you are travelling to Mozambique for business or tourism purposes, you will likely require a visa. To check if you need a visa, consult the Mozambique embassy in your country of residence.

Step 2: Get your travel documentation ready.

In order to apply for a visa, you will first need valid travel documents such as your passport and airline tickets. Once you have obtained all of your necessary documents, head on over to the nearest Mozambican consulate or embassy and make an appointment.

Step 3: Fill out the application form.

Once at the consulate or embassy, follow their instructions carefully and fill out the application form with all of the relevant information. Please note that some fields on the form are mandatory while others may require additional documentation.

Step 4: Pay the processing fee.

The processing fee for a Mozambique visa is $60 USD (or equivalent). In addition, some consulates may also charge an additional fee for issuing visas on arrival in Mozambique (this fee is typically around $10 USD).

Step 5: Collect your completed visa application form and other required documents.

Once everything is complete, find someone who can help guide you to where to collect your completed forms and

How to get a visa to South Africa

If you are traveling to Mozambique, and your destination is within the Schengen Area, you will not need a visa. However, if you are visiting Mozambique from a country that is not in the Schengen Area, or if you are traveling to a part of Mozambique that is not on the mainland, you will need a visa. The most common type of visa required for travel to Mozambique is a business visa. You can apply for a business visa at any port of entry into Mozambique. To find out more about applying for a business visa, please visit our website.

Some other types of visas that may be required for travel to Mozambique include tourist visas and student visas. Tourist visas are valid for visits of up to 90 days and can be obtained at any port of entry into Mozambique. Student visas are valid for studies in Mozambique and can be obtained at any port of entry into the country. To find out more about applying for a tourism or student visa, please visit our website.

What to bring with you on your trip to Mozambique

Pack your bags and passport ready to go on your next adventure to Mozambique!

Here are a few essentials you’ll need for your trip:

-A valid passport and visa for Mozambique
-All necessary travel documents (e.g. airline tickets, hotel reservations, tour guide information)
-Enough money to cover the costs of your trip during the time you’re there
-Sunscreen and insect repellent
-Cell phone charger
-Camera with extra batteries and film
-Lightweight raincoat or umbrella in case it does rain while you’re in Mozambique

What to expect upon arrival in Mozambique

Upon arrival in Mozambique, you will be met by the immigration officials. You will need to have your passport and visa ready for inspection. After inspection, you will be given a temporary travel document that is valid for 30 days. This document must be shown to the police at any time if you are stopped while traveling in Mozambique.

Mozambique is a beautiful country with interesting history. The people are friendly and welcoming. There are many places to visit in this South African protege including Maputo, Beira, and Gorongosa National Parks as well as the lovely beach towns of Nacala and Pemba.

If you are looking to travel to Mozambique and need help getting a visa, then look no further! Our team at VisasForMoz is experts in issuing visas for Mozambique from all over the world, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to assist with anything you need, and we promise that our service will not disappoint. Thanks for reading!

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