UIF USSD Code (2023)

When a worker is unemployed, a portion of their monthly wages is saved and paid out when they return to work. This is a South  African government program known as the UIF Program.

In order to compensate workers who have been laid off or terminated for no fault of their own, the UIF program was created. Neither those who have been terminated due to carelessness or bad behavior, nor those who have fled their jobs, will be compensated by the fund.

UIF USSD Code & And All Its Usefulness

*134*843# is the UIF USSD code. Simply dial the code and follow the on-screen prompts.

The UIF compensates contributors who are unable to work due to layoff, illness, maternity leave, or adoption leave.

The UIF has become a lifeline for businesses and individuals in these difficult times, as many businesses have been forced to close their doors, lower their staff’s salaries, or undergo company restructuring, which includes retrenchments.

You may now monitor the progress of your UIF Claim online, which is the new way to go about it.

  • Please go to www.ufiling.co.za.
  • Then select ‘check my status’
  • Use your computer’s mouse to follow the on-screen directions.
  • The Captcha number that appears on the screen must be typed in.
  • Enter your UIF Reference Number in the Second Option field that appears next to it.

An email to online.BCP@labour.gov.za can also be sent

You must include your name, ID, and UIF registration number in the email.

No Internet Connection Necessary

A more traditional method is to visit a local labor office and sign a register. For your identification and UIF number, the clerk will inquire about these items. Your UIF claim status will then be made clear to you. If your claim is activated, you will be notified. It is important to know the date and time of your first payment if your claim is activated. If your claim has not yet been activated, you will be informed of the time frame in which it will take place.

To find out why you haven’t received any money within eight weeks of registering, you should call the Labour Centre and ask them to investigate. 012 337 1997 is the hotline for the pandemic benefit of the UIF. ‘ To avoid wasting time, please have your name and ID number at the ready before you pick up the phone. UIF will send you a receipt whenever you receive money from the fund. This will alert you to the fact that you’ve been paid so that you may head to the bank. You’ll be able to keep track of how much you’ve already received and how much more you’re still eligible for by using this tool.

UIF Pandemic Relief: How to Check (UIF-Covid-19 TERS National Disaster Application System)

Consider using the UIF pandemic assistance system, which is referred to as the “UIF-Covid-19 TERS National Disaster Application System.”

Visit https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/paymentStatusJsp for more information.These are the steps to take:

  • The Captcha number that appears on the screen must be typed in.
  • Next, you’ll need to input your UIF Reference Number to acquire your UIF Status.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following address: https://uifecc-labour.gov.za.

Click on the Get Status button after entering your ID number.

You should be able to see the status of your UIF Claim there.

Keep Calm and Carry On. Be patient even if claim processing takes longer than expected.

Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has spent over R9 billion on its COVID-19 Relief Benefit and has consistently given out regular unemployment benefits (approximately R1.3 billion to 123,000 employees) without any issues for years. When it comes to payments, you may rest assured that you’ll get your money no matter what.

Inquiring About Whether Or Not Your Business Has Been Paid

The particular covid 19 relief has inevitably led to considerable speculation as to which companies have benefited. Why? Because people naturally want to get their hands on some extra cash. Because the recipients of the fund’s money have been made public, there’s no need to freak out.

To see if your company or employer has been compensated, go to the UIF-Covid-19 Temporary Employee/Employers Relief Scheme website at https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/paidEntitiesList and look for the name of your employer from top to bottom.

In the event that your company is not on the UIF special covid 19 relief list, you may not be eligible for compensation. Nonetheless, you can try to persuade them to sign up for the program yourself. The UIF fund can be contacted to register you for the benefits, and you can show them this article to get them to do that.

Other Information You Need To Know About UIF USSD

Workers will soon be able to check their registration and claim status for free at home thanks to a new Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) platform being launched by the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

Malesela Makgamatho, UIF Director: Compliance, made the announcement in Rustenburg, North West, during a stakeholder engagement session with companies organized by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, an institution of the Department of Employment and Labour.

The session’s goals included promoting the Department’s services, encouraging adherence to labor rules, strengthening relationships, and enhancing service delivery.

According to Makgamatho, clients who lack the funds or time to visit the UIF can still access its services by dialing the code on any cellular phone network once it is operational. According to Makgamatho, the

Implementation of USSD will encourage customers to self-serve and shorten lines at labor centers. According to him, the USSD would save claimants money because they wouldn’t have to travel to the labor center.

Clients will be able to get information about the Fund’s services by using the USSD.” In addition, customers will be able to verify if they are registered for UIF, check their application status, make payment continuation requests, and monitor the status of their payment using the USSD. Makgamatho added that the USSD’s extraordinary benefit is that claimants and stakeholders will not pay any airtime cost: the service is free.

Employers were also urged to use the Department’s modernized online UFiling system to register their firms, submit declarations, and pay contributions.



This essay was prepared only for the aim of disseminating general knowledge. Not all specific cases are covered in this essay, nor does it take into consideration the unique circumstances of each individual reader. This article, on the other hand, should not be used as a substitute for professional counsel or assistance. A specialist, such as an attorney or financial advisor, should be consulted before making any decisions. After reading this essay, you are solely responsible for your actions and the consequences of your actions. It is a civil infraction to accept money from the UIF special covid 19 scheme when not affected by the epidemic, but it is a criminal act to do so while working.



Out-of-work employees were helped by the UIF, a fund set up by the federal government. These are the people who have been laid off or sacked from their jobs without any fault of their own. Also included in this package are the maternity and death benefits that bequeathers of deceased employees might collect. UIF has been obliged to expand to include workers who are still employed, but whose working hours and salaries have been reduced because of the ongoing epidemic, or a number of employees who have been forced to take unpaid leave due to the lockdown. A reprieve is therefore available to workers who have been adversely affected by this situation. The UIF and the South African economy are under further strain as a result of this.

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