Ufiling Login Problems & Possible Solutions (2023)

For many South Africans, the UIF initiative is one of the best things that has happened to them. The system is pretty organized and carefully crafted too. Anyone can complete and submit their UIF declarations without issues via the online service created for this purpose – which is the UFiling. Of course, it is free, and Ufiling can also be utilized to make one’s monthly contributions. However, there is no perfect system anywhere, and the UFiling service is not an exception.

Ufiling login problems are being experienced by several users, caused by different factors. Nevertheless, there are solutions. The solutions to ufiling login problems are dependent upon the main issues causing the hindrance in the first place. However, many times, the solution to the login problems is simply changing your login details.

Ufiling Login Problems

There were many UIF clients sending in reports and complaints of their inability to log in and access uFiling system. It’s normal for certain platforms to develop issues at certain times. In this case, there have been complaints of people struggling to register employees for their Unemployment Insurance Fund. There are folks who battled to get in, and they were locked out again. Some even experienced incidents where they no longer have a record of previous payments.

It is possible that the time you want to access your portal on the website, you discovered you weren’t able to even login at all. The fact is, there could be different reasons for this, and once you identified what is happening in your own peculiar case, you can simply know what else to do.

First, you have to be sure you weren’t the one who, one way or the other, got your account locked. If that should be the case, it is only normal that you won’t be able to log onto the system. This actually is the hindrance for many, and you have to be sure you are not one of those who lock your account.

Secondly, the general issue, as established by the Department of Labour, is the need for users battling to access the platform to simply change their login details. They explained that after an upgrade to the UFiling system, they started using different login details. Due to this reason, many users can’t but have challenges in trying to log on with their previous password. Hence, what they must do is to go to the system and then change their login credentials.

Also, you have to be sure your internet connection is okay. Since this is an online platform, you can only access it with an internet-enabled device. Hence, check to see, and be sure that your internet connection is not down or bad.

Solution for Ufiling Login Problems

Considering the major reason hindering users from getting into the system, the prominent solution we should place emphasis on is that you should reset your Ufiling password. Now, how can you get that done?

Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving the aim.

  • The first thing to do is to visit the official website of the service via a device with good internet. Simply launch their URL via www.ufiling.co.za/uif/.
  • Once it is done loading, you should check under the “log in” dropdown arrow, and you will find the Forgot Password spot. Simply click on it.
  • Afterward, you will be prompted and required by the system to select your preferred contact method.
  • Note that the aim of this is to ensure you are the one trying to change your stuff, and not a mischievous intruder. Hence, they will ask if you want to be contacted either by SMS or Email.
  • If you are going for SMS, ensure your phone is right beside you, since it will come immediately. Also, if you are settling for email, try to see to it that your email is opened close by already.
  • The next step is to enter your ID or Password Number, and then your username. Check underĀ  “complete password options”, and you will find a spot with “retrieve password hint”. Click on it, and make attempts to log in again if the hint helped in remembering the password. If otherwise, however, you should go for “reset password” right under “complete password options”
  • After doing this, the system sends a temporary password to either your phone as SMS (if you chose the SMS option) or to your email (if you chose the email option at first).
  • With this temporary password that is sent, you can conveniently log in to the system. However, you have to get a new password which you can simply change, to access your portal subsequently.

The procedure was made this way to ensure adequate security for each user. If you forget your password at any time, you can always repeat the process again and again. However, to avoid wasting your time, it is advisable to keep your password safe somewhere, and whenever you need to log in, you can easily get them.

So, finally, as you can see, you can easily reset your password online right now. If all things are equal, you should be able to log in to your Ufiling system right now.



The guys in charge of the UFiling system at the Department of Labour have insisted that they have adequately carried out all the necessary testing of the system. They made it known that they have previously even done a soft launch, and they could see that the system is working well. But since it is a known fact that no system is completely perfect and that users may experience Ufiling login problems (as well as other forms of difficulties in accessing the system), they have in place a rapid response team to assist any user in need of help.

Finally, if you need any help which will warrant you to contact the Department of Labour with any questions, you can simply call this number: 0800 030 007. They are active only on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, 07:30 to 16:00.

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