Ufiling Contact Numbers, Email, Addresses (2023)

There are always different reasons to reach out and get in touch with the officials at the Department of Labour in charge of UIF. This is a service utilized by several people in different places in South Africa, and it is expedient that users will occasionally encounter reasons to hear a direct response from those in charge of the affairs.

Ufiling contact number is 0800 030 007, while their email address is [email protected]. Their office address is situated in Pretoria.

Ufiling Contact Number, Email and Full Address

UIF Office Address:

UIF Pretoria
UIF Building
230 Lillian Ngoyi Street,
Absa Towers,
Pretoria Central
South Africa

Operating Hours: Weekdays (from Monday – Friday). 07:30 to 16:00,

Ufiling Telephone Number(s):

012 337 1997 (Switchboard)

0800 030 007 (Call Centre)

Ufiling Email Address:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Although this service is a pretty popular one, and there is already numerous information online that can be helpful to users, the fact remains that there are certain things you won’t find online about the platform. You thus must contact these guys directly so they can help you out with first-hand information.

The officials working at their office are specially trained in the affairs revolving around the platform. Hence, they can always help you out to sort out whatever it is you want to settle, anytime you contact them. After all, this is their own job and why they are paid a salary. So, it doesn’t matter where you are from and what you need from them, don’t hesitate to send them a message.

Their physical office is open for users, but it’s recommended that you call ahead. The office is in Pretoria, and you can visit them if you stay around. However, for folks residing in far away places, you don’t have to travel for hours just to visit their physical office (except if you truly can’t help it). The reason for this is that it doesn’t matter where you are located in South Africa, you can always reach out to their staff via email or phone.

Since it is basically an online platform, they can help you sort out your stuff online, without having to bother yourself traveling and all of that. As stated before, their staff have been trained in these affairs, and they can always easily offer appropriate help when necessary. So, just shoot them an email, using one of the email addresses up there. Once it gets to staff, you can expect a response too. If you are not satisfied with the initial response, you can send more messages too, till all is sorted out.

There are certain things we should place emphasis on about this superb free online service known as uFiling. It is a robust platform that was brilliantly created, and it can be utilized to do several stuff. Users can use the service to submit their UIF requests as well as sort out your monthly UIF contributions. If you are an employee working somewhere in the country, you can settle and submit your monthly UIF declarations, as well as to pay your UIF contributions too when necessary. Employers too are not left out. You simply do these things without any hassles.

UFiling is powered by the UIF, and there are several benefits attached to it. Via the system, it doesn’t matter where you reside in South Africa, you can sort out your UIF returns conveniently online. It is secure and easily done. You can do your thing with secure payments too. You can pay via internet banking or even Debit Order.

You don’t have to keep waiting for too long just to be attended to, since the processing time is fast. You don’t have to be burdened by papers and unnecessary paperwork. Submission of declarations on Ufiling is instant and reliable too.

Impressively, we should also include that there is no cost for using the uFiling service. Yeah, you read that right. It is free to use. However, this won’t stop banks from charging some fees for transactions facilitated by their own services, when using them to make UIF contributions.

Kindly note that you have to be activated on uFiling before you can be able to submit contribution payments. You can’t but do so even if you want to submit UIF declarations.

Finally, if you have been wondering when you would get your first payout (like many others have been), the simple answer is that you will be informed once the claim is approved. And if you are interested in tracking how far your claim process is, you don’t have to worry, since they will give you a case number when you submit your claim, which you then utilize in checking the progress online. But if you don’t want to check it online yourself, you can still reach out to their call centre at 012 337 1680 for help.



uFiling has been beneficial to many South Africans since the introduction of the initiative. This impactful online service is free and can be utilized to securely submit one’s UIF requests. The platform is pretty sophisticated that it’s a brilliant system where one can pay one’s monthly UIF contributions without issues. A large category of people in the country had been using it comfortably. Even employees and employers can sort out and submit monthly UIF declarations. The system is quite nice.

Hence, it is understandable why folks will be interested in seeking Ufiling contact numbers, email and addresses. There are different issues that can come up, and only an official in their office can help you sort it out. Hence, while you can decide to visit their office in Pretoria if you stay around, the best thing to do is to simply send them an email or place a call, and they will try as much as possible to help you sort out whatever it is you want to see sorted out.

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