Top 10 Lounge Suites Factory Shops In Durban 2022

A couch, sofa, settee, or chesterfield is a padded sectional designed to accommodate two or more people. As a rule, it has the shape of a bench and features padded armrests as well as springs and individually sized cushions and pillows.

Top 10 Lounge Suites Factory Shops In Durban 2022

1. The Lounge Factory

Cape Town, South Africa is home to The Lounge Factory and has done so since 1973. Founded and is operated solely by Sid Mafcher, who takes great pride in the quality of his customer service. Serving its customers with professionalism and a focus on quality. At its core, The Lounge Factory is founded on the most rigorous principles of business.

Address: 49A Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8001

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Phone: 021 419 6137

2. Calgan Recliners – Recliner and Lounge Suite Manufacturers

If you’re looking for a high-quality recliner or reclining lounge suite, go no further than Calgan Recliners, a leading South African manufacturer and supplier. For over 25 years, they’ve helped South Africans adorn their living rooms with the finest hand-made lounge suites available.

Address: 10 Martin St, Selby South, Johannesburg, 2001

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4:30 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Phone: 011 241 4800

3. United Furniture Outlets Southgate

In 2004, United Furniture Outlets (“UFO”) opened its first megastore in the Sandton neighborhood of Johannesburg, South Africa, selling furniture.

When it comes to high-end home furnishings, UFO is among the most cutting-edge and rapidly expanding names on the market.

We think their brand is unique and is helping to redefine this highly fragmented, expanding sector, both of which have contributed to their outpacing the industry average in sales growth and market share expansion over the past few years.

From a single location in South Africa just a few years ago, they now have 41 outlets there. They are a major player amongst South Africa’s independent furniture shops.

Over 5,000 square feet of our flagship store in Marlboro – SANDTON is filled with beautiful furnishings for every area in the house. The most comprehensive selection of the group’s furniture may be found at this newly renovated flagship shop.

Their foundation for sustainable success is our capacity for product and category innovation and integration that is wholly original and sets them apart from the competition.

They’re committed to building a brand that extends beyond the walls of a consumer’s house, and they’re taking steps to do just that. They think that no one else can match the appealing combination of design, quality, and value that they provide owing to its one-of-a-kind product development, go-to-market, and supply chain skills, as well as their massive scale.

They have the widest selection of both locally made and imported furniture for your home, and most of it is in stock and ready to go right now. To guarantee the highest quality is delivered to your door, they only work with reputable companies that have a history of success.

In addition to providing consumers with a wide selection of unique products at reasonable rates, their exclusive lines also provide excellent value for their money.

Customers are extremely important to them, therefore they work hard to provide them with the best service possible, as well as a wide selection of high-quality, reasonably priced furniture and an enjoyable retail experience they will never forget.

Address: Southgate Mall, Rifle Range Rd, Southgate, Johannesburg, 2091

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Phone: 010 023 2728

4. Nuvo Italia

NuvoItalia was established with the goal of selling reasonably priced but enduringly high-quality goods. People shouldn’t have to compromise their individuality or creativity while furnishing their homes.

All of their carefully selected furniture is custom made to suit the specific needs and preferences of our individual clients.

The modern and contemporary European, Middle Eastern, and Ottoman era styles that have served as inspiration for their furniture give a whole new meaning to the term “throwback Thursday.” They love what they do and are dedicated to it wholeheartedly because we know the value of providing beautiful, durable furniture.

Address: Nuvo Italia, 222 Felix Dlamini Rd, Overport, Durban, 4001

Areas served: South Africa

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Phone: 031 207 6821

5. Coricraft Clearance Centre, JHB

Address: Unit A6 Game Complex, Corner Arkwright An, Louis Botha Ave, Wynberg, Sandton, 2090

Areas served: Gauteng

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Phone: 011 555 0000

Since its 1995 inception in a single Cape Town shop, Coricraft has expanded to a total of 44 retail outlets across South Africa and into the neighboring countries of Namibia and Botswana.

Coricraft is committed to providing customers with durable, well-made, and stylish furniture at affordable prices. Our hand-made sofas are the backbone of their company, and they are widely acclaimed for their quality and comfort.

Every component of your Coricraft sofa, from the frame to the upholstery, is produced by hand in our Los Angeles workshop by a team of expert artisans.

Bed frames, headboards, and upholstered dining chairs are all crafted to order using the same care and variety of fabrics.

Signature items for the dining room, living room, bedroom, home office, and patio are all part of our extensive collection, which we’ve curated from across the world.

A rug for a plush feel underfoot, scatters to cozy up the couch, and vases to exhibit seasonal blooms—our assortment of home accessories will help you make your house a home.

A rug for a plush feel underfoot, scatters to cozy up the couch, and vases to exhibit seasonal blooms—our assortment of home accessories will help you make your house a home.

Their Essentials collection was created with the growing trend of microliving in mind, and it contains a variety of sleek, modern pieces that won’t overwhelm a compact apartment.

The Essentials collection is designed specifically with the needs of city dwellers and those with smaller houses in mind, and it has functional pieces that won’t break the bank.

6. Enza Home South Africa

Address: 37 Commerce Cres, Kramerville, Johannesburg, 2090

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Phone: 010 612 0284

7. Coricraft Blue Route

Address: Unit 4 & 5, South Palms Centre, 333 Main Rd, Retreat, Cape Town, 7945

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Phone: 021 701 9688

8. Lounge Designer Furniture Pvt Ltd

Address: End Street, Durban St, Johannesburg Suburban, Johannesburg, 2001

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Phone: 011 052 6926

9. Wakefield Fine Furniture

Address: 9 Riley Str Unit 4, Beaconvale Park Beaconvale Industria, Parow, Cape Town, 7500

Areas served: Western Cape

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5 PM ⋅ Opens 8 AM Wed

Phone: 021 933 4858

10. United Furniture Outlets

Address: Atterbury road and Lois Avenue, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0081

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Phone: 012 348 2395

Who Makes The Best Quality Sofas In South Africa?

Here is a randomized list (based on Google PageRank) of the best South African online furniture stores.

Block & Chisel.



Core Furniture Concepts.

Meyer Von Wielligh.


Cottonwood Trading Company.


Who Owns Coricraft South Africa?

Coricraft is owned by Tapestry Home Brands. According to those in the know, Pepkor has made an offer to acquire the South African company that runs the Volpes, Coricraft, and Dial-a-Bed stores in an effort to increase its footprint in the furniture and bedding industries.

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