Where Can I Study Psychology In South Africa (2023)

Psychology has to do with the study of the mind and human behavior. Students studying psychology will learn how to approach this in a scientific manner, and they will be able to understand people and their behavior within society. To be a qualified psychologist in South Africa, one must be successfully and appropriately trained in a tertiary institution for a number of years.

There are actually tons of institutions in South Africa where students can get their Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Some popular ones that can be immediately recommended are the University of Cape Town, the University of Pretoria, the University of Witwatersrand, Stellenbosch University, and so on.

Here is a list of prominent schools in South Africa where you can study psychology:

Where Can I Study Psychology In South Africa?

A. University of Johannesburg
B. South African College of Applied Psychology
C. University of Cape Town
D. Stellenbosch University
E. University of Witwatersrand
F. Rhodes University
G. University of Pretoria

University Of Johannesburg

Here at the University of Johannesburg, you can only study the course full time due to the rigors attached to the Department. Of course, the university is one of the best, not only in South Africa but in the whole of Africa. As a student of Psychology in the University of Johannesburg, you should realize that you are expected to complete six modules within a period of one year. The University of Johannesburg offers certificates that are internationally recognized.

South African College Of Applied Psychology (SACAP)

Here is an accredited private higher education provider that has a big reputation in this country as far as education in psychology is concerned. The college has been doing a lot for many years now, and it is one of the best places you can study Psychology in South Africa. Psychology is the major focus at SACAP, which means they aren’t distracted by other things. A lot of students are usually interested in studying Psychology here, and you too can do just that.

University Of Capet Town

The University of Cape Town has a reputation for being the oldest existing university in Sub-Saharan Africa and is unarguable one of the best universities in South Africa. Thus, it is a recommended institution for folks interested in getting a degree in psychology in South Africa. The University offers not just undergraduate degrees, but even postgraduate training. If you want to focus on the likes of child psychology or clinical psychology, you can look towards the University of Cape Town. Your degree at the University of Cape Town is internationally recognized.

Stellenbosch University

There are thousands of students currently studying different courses at Stellenbosch University. If you want a degree in psychology, you can also consider this institution.

University Of Witwatersrand

The University of Witwatersrand has been around for many years now in South Africa, and it is one of the best institutions to study Psychology in South Africa. The discipline here is managed by several qualified folks who have been doing what they do for many years now.

Rhodes University

Rhodes University is one of the best institutions in South Africa and is also one of the oldest in Africa. It also has a reputation for being one of the very first institutions in the country that started offering Psychology as a discipline. Rhodes University is a university that can be recommended to study Psychology in the country.

University Of Pretoria

Another superb institution in South Africa, the University of Pretoria offers courses in the field, such as clinical, cognitive, social and industrial psychology. The institution is focused on developing and deploying a deep understanding of the discipline of psychology.

Requirements To Study Psychology In South Africa

First, you need a Senior Certificate or a National Senior Certificate which satisfies the specific admission criteria. Also, you are expected to have a minimum APS of 26, with these specifications:

Mathematics: APS=4

English: APS=4

It should however be added that even if an applicant was able to meet these requirements, it doesn’t automatically qualify them for the course. This is because the institutions will also conduct their own selection process before they will notify successful candidates.

Generally, particularly if you are an international student, you can choose to submit your application over the internet to your institution of choice. To get this done, you have to visit the web portal of the institution and demand an online application form, which you have to submit with the correct information and upload the necessary documents. This should then be sent to the admission department of the school (or to the particular address indicated on the form). Once your form has been considered, you will get an offer via email or airmail.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Psychology In South Africa

There are different factors that determine how much you will pay to study psychology in South Africa. However, it was made known that the average cost of studying psychology as an undergraduate student in South Africa is around $2,500 – $4,500. On the other hand, postgraduate students would pay around $2,700 – $3,000.

Nevertheless, as explained before, there are different factors that determines the actual fee you will pay. For instance, what you will pay to study psychology in a private institution, is different from that of a public institution.

However, if you are deeply interested in studying psychology in South Africa, you should pay the necessary price. This is because, at the end of the day, when you start working in your career, your salary will empower you to live comfortably.

Other Important Things You Should Know

If you have a deep interest in studying Psychology in South Africa, here are some other important things you must know.

1. If you are a non-South African applicant, you should know that the college will only give you admission if you meet the registration exemption requirements. This is possible by getting a high school diploma with good grades in any standardized examination in your own country. Additionally, since a lot of colleges in South Africa usually offer their programs in English language, then applicants must demonstrate their English language skills. Hence, if you are from a country where English is not spoken, you must engage TOEFL or IELTS, with a good score.

2. If you have been wondering how long it takes to become a psychologist in South Africa, you should know that you have to first use up to five years in school for formal education in psychology (3-year bachelor’s degree, an honours degree in psychology, and a directed master’s degree programme in psychology). It can be challenging, and you must work very hard. However, this is a rewarding career.

3. Talking about how much you can earn as a psychologist in South Africa after your study, you should realize that this would be largely determined by different factors, particularly your experience and your place of work. The average annual salary for a psychiatrist is around $216,090; that of an industrial-organizational psychologist is $102,530; a Neuropsychologist goes home with around $93,440; an Engineering Psychologist is $90,340; a psychology teacher is around $85,050, and that of a Counselor Psychologist is $81,330.



The country (and maybe the world generally) needs a lot of psychologists, considering different societal issues bedeviling different places currently. Become you can be a qualified psychologist in South Africa, you must spend some years getting formal education in an approved university. It takes hard work quite alright, but it is worthwhile.

Study psychology at any of the universities highlighted above, just to ensure that you won’t settle for less in your pursuit. Your degree will be recognized internationally, and it makes things easier for you, particularly if you are interested in working in other developed countries in the world.

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