Top 10 Shoe Factory Shops In Johannesburg 2022

If you are planning to get shoes in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg, we have taken the pain to compile the list of top shoe factory shops in Johannesburg, what you need to know about these shoe brands, and other useful information you need to know.

Top 10 Shoe Factory Shops In Johannesburg 2022

1. Grand Shoes Store

This is the first pair of shoes I’ve seen that includes the real sole length alongside the nominal size. This made buying shoes online a breeze because I knew the size I ordered would fit. There was nothing unsatisfactory about the service provided.

Incredible shoe shop, by far the best I’ve ever seen (online or otherwise). They measure the shoes personally, so you always get the appropriate size, and they have a fantastic assortment of men’s sizes 12 and higher.

2. Just For Feet

One of the largest and fastest-growing chains of athletic shoe and sportswear retail outlets in the United States, Just For Feet Inc. was headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. As of the year 2000, Just For Feet was a part of the Footstar family. The last store went out of business in 2004. But still has some of its branches operating in Johannesburg in South Africa.

3. Mumsillini Shoes

This is another female shoe factory in SA where you have options of selecting from arrays of shoes with beautiful designs and different qualities as your taste and purse will afford you.

This is another best shoe factory in Johannesburg owing to the quality and services they offer. Fantastic selection at low costs; carries a wide range of popular brands including Soviet, Mille, Adoko, Dickies, Reebook, and many more. In Hawkers’ Heaven

4. Shoe City

The original Shoe City was a Los Angeles-based shoe chain. There are over 35 of their establishments spread across the four Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, South Africa and San Bernardino.

They’ve been in business for almost 30 years, providing a welcoming environment for shoe shoppers in Johannesburg in South Africa. Now, they’ve launched to bring the same experience to customers outside of South Africa.

You can find all the newest and trendiest shoe brands at Shoe City. We provide footwear for the whole family, including Nike, Converse, and Vans. Brands like DC, DVS, Etnies, as well as Jordan, Adidas, KSwiss, Reebok, and Puma, are all here.

They have the newest styles in women’s footwear, including boots, sandals, heels, and more. They carry sizes ranging from 1 (for newborns) to 15 (for men).

Sandals from Roxy, Oneill, Quiksilver, and Rainbow may be found at Shoe City. Accessories including Jansport bags, Stance socks, hats, and skateboards are also available.

In order to meet your every fashion demand, they are continually expanding their selection of styles and brands.

5. San Marina Shoes

Whether you’re shopping for a man or a woman, San Marina has you covered with an extensive selection of high-fashion footwear.

The assortment reflects the most up-to-date trends in French style and is refreshed every season. There is a wide range of shoes available, from dressy to casual, providing customers plenty of options.

6. Bhamjee Shoe Market

This is another shoes factory shop in Johannesburg you can bank with to get quality shoes and different brands of foot wears you may be in quest of.

7. Kinky Shoes

Men’s feet aren’t meant to fit into women’s high heels. Men’s feet are not only shaped differently than women’s due to their bigger heels and smaller forefeet, but they also tend to be heavier overall.

“Kinky Boots,” a witty little comedy about the transsexual boots that may save a faltering shoe manufacturer from extinction, is inspired by this predicament and its creative new idea.

Even while the lessons learnt are somewhat predictable (I wonder whether the straight-laced factory folk will come to respect Lola!), the film is entertaining, flashy, witty, and shockingly vulnerable in all the appropriate spots, and it also features a very sweet friendship.

8. Makans Shoe Boutique

If you are looking for shoe factory shops in Johannesburg, here is another option you can shop with for any varieties of shoes for male, female, kids and footwears for any age of children.

Makan’s Shoe Centre is a family business that has been operating continuously for three generations since its inception in the early 1970s. They adore shoes and want to provide their clients with the best selection possible.

They have both trendy and comfortable adult footwear, as well as a selection of kids’ footwear. Additionally, they have a wide selection of bridal and matric dance footwear. Visit their shop at the Oriental Plaza today for an unforgettable adventure!

9. Papelli Shoe

You can check on Papelli shoe factory in South Africa for any befitting footwears you desire for yourself or any members of your family.

10. Erlings Shoes

Lastly on the list of best shoe factory shops in Johannesburg is the Erlings Shoes. You can go shopping for footwear in this factory for any shoe of your desire and for any age group you want to buy shoes for.


We have done justice to getting you the list of top shoe factory shops in Johannesburg and all you need to know.

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