Top 10 Shoe Factory Shops In Durban 2022

When you need quality footwear, then you need information on top shoe factory shops in Durban for you to shop some of the footwear you need either for personal use or for clients. Here is the information on the best shoe factory shops in Durban and all you need to know.

Top 10 Shoe Factory Shops In Durban 2022

1. Shoepack

This is one of the best companies that produce shoe factories in Durban, with this company you have enough materials and quality products to pick from these factories.


Companies in the KZN clothing, textile, footwear, and retail industries have joined forces to form the KwaZulu-Natal Clothing and Textile Cluster. The KZN CTC was founded in August 2005 with the goal of increasing the local industry’s competitiveness so that it could better compete on a global scale.

The intense competitiveness problems that arise as economies open up to international competition necessitate that businesses take concerted action as a group and pool their resources.

More than 300 manufacturers, government agencies, and other organizations affiliated with the cluster also receive news, research, and other cluster-related materials.

Core members of the KZN CTC now exist, and these members pay a membership fee in order to enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits of cluster programs.

These are World Class Manufacturing, Value Chain Alignment and Human Resources Development. KZN CTC has three active programs that are part of the company strategy.

There are several advantages to working in a cluster, including:*generating critical mass of resources*sharing learning*supporting the rapid spread of ideas*collective action and risk sharing*reducing costs*increasing the potential to compete on a global stage.

Executive committee members of KZN CTC member companies, including a retailer, government representatives, the CTFL Seta, and two senior facilitators from B&M Analysts govern the KZN CTC.

The KZN CTC’s success can be attributed to the fact that it follows a business plan that is both adaptable and governed by industry experts. Therefore, clustering is the next step after operating autonomously, as it involves realizing that some auxiliary tasks are more efficiently carried out in the company of other businesses facing comparable issues. As a result, the cluster is crucial to the growth of the sector as a whole.

Because of the tremendous competitiveness problems that will arise as the South African economy opens to worldwide competition, it is essential that businesses work together and pool their resources.

Therefore, clustering is the next logical step after functioning independently: the recognition that some support operations are more efficiently carried out in the company of other businesses facing the same issues. The development of the regional market as a result of the integration of all participants in the value chain and their adoption of global best practices.

With the help of teamwork, information sharing, skill development, benchmarking, and individual company enhancement, all member firms can reach world-class value chain standards and effect social and economic transformation.

The KZN Clothing and Textile Cluster is dedicated to the growth of local and international businesses in the apparel, textile, footwear, and leather industries by enhancing their competitiveness at the firm level and along the value chains in which they participate.

The KZN CTC is governed by its constitutional principles, which are outlined in its memorandum of incorporation filed under the New Companies Act.

Objectives, required membership, decision-making procedures, and the method for selecting a facilitation service provider are all laid out in detail.

The KZN CTC helps local apparel, textile, and footwear businesses become more competitive on a worldwide scale. Clothing, textile, footwear, and leather manufacturers, Cut Make and Trim manufacturers (CMT), and clothing retailers based in KwaZulu-Natal are all encouraged to get in touch with us about joining the KZN CTC, and so are other local businesses that share our goals but aren’t directly involved in the garment industry.

Members of the KZN Clothing and Textile Cluster have access to regular opportunities for professional development and networking. The KZN apparel, textile, footwear, and leather industry stands to benefit from these initiatives, as they will help it expand and become more competitive. Discussion on Durban Overall’s lean initiatives as part of the WCM Innovation Session.

3. Angel Footwear

In 1981, Kwa-Zulu Natal was home to the birth of Angel Footwear Manufacturers, a provider of components for the footwear sector. After incorporating as a privately held company in 1987, the firm dedicated itself to producing STITCH-DOWN CONSTRUCTION footwear.

The company has grown to become Africa’s leading provider of stitch-down shoes. Managing Director responsibilities have been handed over to Avi Ramlakan’s son, Microsoft Certified Engineer and MBA graduate Ashley Ramlakan.

Ashley hopes to push the business to new heights with her creative ideas. With a daily output of more than 5,000 pairs, Angel Footwear Manufacturers is a major player in the South African stitch-down footwear industry. Angel Shoes is committed to providing excellent products at reasonable costs with prompt shipping.

The brand has expanded into several additional product lines over the years; their most recent Huarache line features a modern color scheme.

Under the Bell label, Angel Footwear produces a selection of work boots and shoes. The manufacturing facility and all of its products have received SABS certification.

Besides athletic footwear, the company also produces school shoe labels including Toughees and Student Prince. It’s the backbone of our booming company, too. We hope to achieve their goal of being a market leader in the footwear business through providing.

They assist and enhance our customers’ ability to compete by listening to their feedback and responding with goods that meet or exceed their expectations for quality and reliability.

Angel Footwear recognizes that our success depends on the efforts of many people, including our loyal consumers, hardworking employees, and reliable vendors.

Their overarching strategy is to retain a standing as a reliable provider of high-quality, convenient, and reasonably priced goods while keeping up with the latest developments in the worlds of fashion and technology.

Moreover, they strive to foster a welcoming and varied workplace where all of their  employees may feel comfortable contributing their unique perspectives and skills to the development of each pair of shoes. Angel Footwear aspires to set the bar high for other shoe retailers with its high-quality, affordably priced brands and products.

Over 30 years, the business has been an employer of choice.  plan is to expand over the next 30 years and beyond, while staying true to our core values of honesty, reliability, and sustainability in business.

Having a highly-motivated and contented workforce that consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients is a top priority.

Their commercial acumen and foresight have taken them into new territory and helped them provide superior service to all of their clients. They anticipate challenges, formulate thorough strategies, and carry them out expertly.





8. Xjs Footwear Manufacturers


10. Healthwise Footwear Manufacturers

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