Sefako Makgatho Online Application 2022

Sefako Makgatho University is a private university located in Polokwane. The university offers various post-graduate programs and undergraduate degrees. If you are interested in studying at Sefako Makgatho University, then this guide will help you through the online application process.

Sefako Makgatho Online Application 2022

  • Visit the Sefako Makgatho University Website.
  • The link to the Sefako Makgatho University Website is, which can be accessed through any web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. The homepage has information about the university and its history, as well as links to other pages on this site (such as admissions).
  • Click on the “Online Application” link.

You will be redirected to the Sefako Makgatho University website, where you can find all information about their application process, as well as download and print an application form.

  • Your name, surname and email address.
  • Your personal information like address and phone number (optional).
  • Academic qualifications including date of birth, school leaving certificate or matriculation certificate if applicable; National Diploma/Degree Certificate if available but no degree at this stage; Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification (postgraduate diploma) in technology studies/engineering/manufacturing etcetera as well as professional qualifications including those obtained abroad such as MBA/MSc/MBAHESC etcetera- this must be translated into English where possible unless it is already available in the form of a translation from an agency which has been authorized by Sefako Makgatho University’s Office Administrators Council (AOC)

When you click on the “Apply Now” button, you will be redirected to an online application form. The first thing that you need to do is fill in all of your details correctly. You can use the fields provided by Sefako Makgatho and make sure that they are filled with correct information before submitting your application online.

Then, once everything has been entered into the system and ready for processing, click on “Submit” at the bottom of this page. This will take you back to where we started from: an empty screen with nothing but some text telling us what happens next!

Make sure to provide valid and accurate information on your application form

Once you have submitted your application, Sefako Makgatho will send a confirmation email to notify you that they have received it. This is only proof that they received your application and nothing more, so make sure that all information is accurate and complete before submitting the form.

Make sure to provide valid and accurate information on your application form so that each of the following requirements are met:

  • The applicant’s name must be at least eighteen years old (or older). Applicants who are under 18 years old must submit a copy of their birth certificate or other official documentation proving age by June 30th 2022 at latest.
  • All applicants must be registered citizens with permanent residency status in South Africa or abroad through another legal entity registered with South African authorities (e-mail address). If there are no such documents, then please contact us at [email protected] for further assistance


The Sefako Makgatho University has made it easier for you to apply by providing an online application form. You can now fill out the form at your own convenience and submit it without having to go through lengthy processes. The university also allows you to check if your application has been successful or not using their system.

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