Sefako Makgatho Medicine Requirements

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, formerly known as MEDUNSA (Medical University of South Africa), is a leading institution for medical education in South Africa.

If you are considering studying medicine at Sefako Makgatho, it’s essential to understand the specific requirements for admission. This article outlines the key medicine requirements you need to fulfill to pursue your medical education at Sefako Makgatho.

Sefako Makgatho Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission into the medicine program at Sefako Makgatho, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Academic Qualifications:

– A National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent qualification with admission to Bachelor’s degree studies.
– An achievement rating of at least 4 (50-59%) in the subjects of Mathematics, Physical Science, and Life Sciences.
– A minimum APS (Admission Point Score) as determined by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

2. Application Process:

Complete the official online application form available on the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University website.
– Submit all required supporting documents, including academic transcripts, ID documents, and proof of payment for the application fee.
– Ensure that you meet the application deadline specified by the university.

Sefako Makgatho Selection Process

The selection process for medicine programs at Sefako Makgatho involves multiple stages. Here’s an overview of the selection process:

1. Academic Achievement:

– The university considers your academic performance in subjects like Mathematics, Physical Science, and Life Sciences.
– The better your scores, the higher your chances of being shortlisted for further assessment.

2. National Benchmark Test (NBT):

– Applicants are required to write the NBT, which assesses their academic readiness for university-level studies.
– The NBT scores are considered alongside academic achievements to determine eligibility for the next stage.

3. Health Science Career Aptitude Test (HSCAT):

– Shortlisted candidates must undertake the HSCAT, a comprehensive assessment evaluating their aptitude for a career in health sciences.
– The HSCAT results, along with academic performance and NBT scores, play a crucial role in the final selection.

4. Interview and Panel Assessment:

-Successful candidates from the previous stages are invited for an interview and panel assessment.
– This stage evaluates attributes such as communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to the medical profession.

Important Considerations

When applying for medicine programs at Sefako Makgatho, keep the following considerations in mind:

Early Application

– Submitting your application early is advisable due to the high volume of applications received by the university.
– Early application increases your chances of securing admission.

Academic Excellence

– Strong academic performance, particularly in Mathematics, Physical Science, and Life Sciences, greatly enhances your chances of being selected.
– Aim for high achievement ratings in these subjects to demonstrate your academic potential.

Well-rounded Profile

– Sefako Makgatho values well-rounded individuals who demonstrate leadership, community involvement, and a genuine passion for medicine.
– Engage in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or relevant healthcare experiences to strengthen your profile.

Prepare for Assessments

– Familiarize yourself with the NBT and HSCAT formats and practice relevant skills to perform well in these assessments.
– Take advantage of study resources, practice tests, and guidance provided by the university.

Interview Readiness

– Research common interview questions, practice responses, and showcase your motivation to pursue a medical career.
– Prepare examples that highlight your strengths, experiences, and commitment to the medical profession.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the minimum Admission Point Score (APS) required for the medicine program at Sefako Makgatho?

The specific APS requirement for the medicine program at Sefako Makgatho varies from year to year and is determined by the Faculty of Health Sciences. It is advisable to check the university’s official website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information regarding the minimum APS required.

2. Can I apply for the medicine program at Sefako Makgatho with qualifications other than the National Senior Certificate (NSC)?

Yes, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University accepts equivalent qualifications to the NSC for admission to the medicine program. However, it is important to ensure that your qualification is recognized by the university. Contact the admissions office or refer to the university’s website for specific information regarding accepted equivalent qualifications.

3. Is there a specific deadline for applying for the medicine program?

Yes, Sefako Makgatho has specific deadlines for submitting applications. It is crucial to adhere to these deadlines to ensure that your application is considered. The university typically announces the application deadlines on its official website. It is recommended to submit your application well in advance of the deadline to avoid any last-minute complications.

4. What happens if I don’t meet the minimum achievement rating in Mathematics, Physical Science, or Life Sciences?

If you do not meet the minimum achievement rating in any of these subjects, your application may not be considered for the medicine program at Sefako Makgatho. It is essential to carefully review the admission requirements and ensure that you meet the minimum criteria before applying. If you have concerns about your academic qualifications, you may consider contacting the admissions office to discuss your specific situation.

5. How can I prepare for the Health Science Career Aptitude Test (HSCAT)?

Preparing for the HSCAT involves familiarizing yourself with the test format and content. The university may provide study materials or sample questions to help you prepare. Additionally, consider seeking out study resources such as books, online practice tests, or tutoring services that specifically target the aptitude areas assessed in the HSCAT. Dedicate time to review relevant topics, practising problem-solving, and improving your critical thinking skills.

6. Are there any specific attributes or qualities that Sefako Makgatho looks for during the interview and panel assessment?

During the interview and panel assessment, Sefako Makgatho evaluates various attributes and qualities in candidates. They are interested in assessing your communication skills, problem-solving abilities, ethical reasoning, empathy, and commitment to the medical profession. It is advisable to prepare by researching common interview questions, practising responses, and reflecting on your motivations for pursuing a medical career.

Remember, while these FAQs provide general information, it is important to consult the official Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University website or contact the admissions office for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the medicine requirements and application process.



Securing admission to the medicine program at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University requires fulfilling specific academic qualifications, completing the application process, and successfully navigating the selection stages. By understanding the requirements, preparing for assessments, and showcasing your strengths and motivation, you can increase your chances of being admitted to this reputable institution.

Remember to focus on academic excellence, demonstrate a well-rounded profile, and prepare thoroughly for assessments and interviews. Sefako Makgatho offers an excellent platform for aspiring medical professionals, and meeting the requirements is the first step toward achieving your goals.

If you’re passionate about pursuing a career in medicine and are willing to put in the effort, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field of healthcare.

I wish you good luck with your application and future studies at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University!


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