Sefako Makgatho Medicine Requirements

These are all the requirements you need to study at Sefako Makgatho Medicine University.

Sefako Makgatho Medicine Requirements

To be eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice (BCMP), you must have:

Passed Grade 12 with a minimum of five subjects; or

Completed a National Senior Certificate, National Certificate, National Diploma or National Certificate Vocational plus at least three years’ relevant experience.

Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS)

The Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS) is a postgraduate degree granted after completion of a four-year university program. Students who complete the BDS program are considered to be doctors and can hold positions as dentists, dental hygienists or assistants.

Bachelor of Dental Sciences is also known as a doctorate degree which means that students who complete this program are required to work under the supervision of an experienced dentist until they qualify on their own without supervision.

Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNS)

The Bachelor of Nursing Science degree program is designed to prepare students for entry into the profession of nursing. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad liberal arts education and specific science knowledge, as well as clinical experience in preparation for graduate admission into a Master’s Degree program.

This will be achieved through the development of essential competencies such as critical thinking skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and team working skills that will enable graduates to practice professionally in contemporary health care settings.

As a medical student, you will need to present several documents as proof of your identity and qualifications. These are:

  • A valid ID (such as a drivers license or a passport)
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of collateral deposit (for the loan you took)
  • Payment for tuition fees for the first semester
  • Payment for accommodation fees for the first year.

The cost of these documents can be paid in full or partially by either cash or cheque/bank transfer depending on where you are applying from.

Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice (BCMP)

The BCMP is a four-year degree programme that involves four semesters of learning and teaching. The first year consists of basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

In the second semester, students are introduced to pathophysiology. In the third semester, students learn about clinical medicine such as psychiatry and pharmacology while in their fourth years they study anatomy/physiology followed by clinical practice at any one hospital based in Limpopo province or at any high-level tertiary institution within South Africa or abroad with an accredited partnership agreement with SMUHS


I recommend that you carefully review the requirements above and if you still need help or have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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