Sassa R350 Grant Application Online Application Form Pdf

If you are applying for this grant and you know someone who can’t get online then please help them with this information

SASSA R350 Grant Application Online Application Form Pdf

The SASSA R350 Grant application process has been made easier. You can now apply for the SASSA R350 Grant online through their website. This is a new way of applying for the grant and it will make things much easier for you.

As part of their mission to make knowledge accessible, they are providing easy-to-follow step by step procedures on how to apply for your local SASSA office near you and what documents are needed when completing online applications forms.

When will the application of the SASSA R350 Grant start?

The applications for the SASSA R350 grant will start on 1st May 2022 and end on 31st July 2022. This is an online application process, so you can apply directly through the SASSA website after downloading the application form from their website.

This grant is available only to those who qualify based on the requirements of this fund. You must meet these requirements before you can qualify for this grant.

How do I apply for the SASSA R350 Grant?

The SASSA R350 Grant is a refundable grant that allows you to receive your housing subsidy on monthly basis. You can apply for the SASSA R350 Grant online and it will be paid into either your bank account or Post Office account.

To apply for the SASSA R350 Grant, click on “Apply for the SASSA R350 Grant” button below, enter your details and submit an application form.

On receipt of your application form, print out a copy of it and send it together with all supporting documents to your local SASSA office within 30 days after submission.

The application form is open to all South African Citizens who are 18 years old or older and have not previously received a grant from Social Development Head Office (SDHO) in any financial year since 2013/2014.


You can apply for the SASSA R350 grant online via the Department of Social Development website.

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