SASSA Care Dependency Grant Application Form

The SASSA Care Dependency Grant application form allows you to apply for a grant on behalf of an elderly or disabled relative. This form can be used by both the applicant and their authorised representative. If you are not sure who is your authorised representative, check with Sassa.

SASSA Care Dependency Grant Application Form

In order to qualify for a Sassa Care Dependency Grant, you must be a South African citizen and at least 18 years old. In addition, your child must be under the age of 18. If your child is between the ages of 12 and 16, he or she will need to apply for an exemption certificate from their school before applying for this grant.

If you do not meet these criteria but believe that your case is special enough to make an exception, call Sassa’s call center at 0800 11 6111 (all major toll-free networks). A customer service representative can advise you further about what steps are required for exceptional circumstances such as yours.

How much will you get?

As part of the Care Dependency Grant, you receive a payment on the first and fifteenth days of every month.

  • The first stage is paid after the first day of the month
  • The second stage is paid after the 14th day of the month

Who can help you apply?

You can apply for the care dependency grant yourself. To help with your application, your authorised representative, care worker and his/her authorised representative can also assist you.

If you are under 18 years of age and have no legal guardian or if you are aged 65 or older, then your parent(s) / legal guardian(s) will be considered as your authorised representative.

If none of them is available to help you with the application form, then any adult relative living in the same household may act on their behalf as an alternative person who may act as a substitute caregiver (substitute caregiver).

Required documents to support your claim

The following documents are required to support your claim:

  • Proof of means of income, such as a payslip or bank statement. This can be submitted in either hard copy or scanned form as long as it is legible and contains all pertinent details.
  • Letter from previous employer confirming that you have left employment due to ill health/family reasons etc.

How to complete this form

It’s easy to complete this form.

Use black pen and fill in your details in the spaces provided. You will need to enter your name, ID number and birth date.

Enter your street address, telephone number and email address as well as your ID number and birth date if you have one.

First name: Surname: ID Number: Birth Date (DD/MM/YY): Street Address: City/Town: Telephone Number: Mobile Number (optional): Email Address (optional):


The application form is completed in two parts. Part 1 must be completed by the applicant or their care worker. Part 2 must be completed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner.

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