Requirements For Social Worker At UNISA (2024)

UNISA is one of the best Universities in South Africa. The university is renowned for being the largest open distance learning institution in Africa and the longest-standing dedicated distance education university globally.

Studying social work at this university is a great idea, as it would give your CV a boost for studying in one of the most reputable institutions in the world.

Who are social workers?

Social workers are professionals who help improve people’s overall well-being and meet their fundamental needs.

A social worker can also engage in legislative processes that typically result in the establishment of social policies, depending on the job experience, expertise, and area of employment. They also base their work on social work values and principles, as well as academic research.

Requirements For Social Worker At Unisa

  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with at least a C symbol on HG or a B symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning and 60% for any four content subjects in their matric final examination


  • A Senior Certificate (SC) with at least B symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning and 60% for any four content subjects n their matric final examination;


  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with degree endorsement/ A Senior Certificate with exemption and a Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work (NQF Level 4) with one year of professional practice as a registered Social Auxiliary Worker; or relevant Higher Certificate at NQF level 5.

Applicants should also be aware that this is a selection qualification, and they will be subjected to further evaluation to determine their suitability for the profession.

Applicants will be subjected to a police clearance for criminal convictions checks aligned with the South African Council for Social Service Professions’ definition of a “fit and proper person” (SACSSP). This clearance certificate and two testimonials from trustworthy authorities, such as a school leader, a religious leader, or a community leader, must be submitted at the time of application. During their second level of study, students must register with the SACSSP. Registration with the Council will be made easier by UNISA’s Department of Social Work.

What Kind of Jobs Does a Social Worker Do?

Social workers can operate in a wide range of contexts. Where and how they work are frequently determined by their specializations. Some work in an office, but it’s also usual to visit clients off-site. Those working in the family and school sector may face constant schedule changes and be required to travel more than their healthcare counterparts, who have more fixed place of work.

Hospitals, mental health clinics, jails, military barracks, elder centers, corporations, and public social organizations all have dedicated social workers. Licensed social workers can also open private offices that specialize in marital issues, mental illness, personality disorders, or mental illnesses away from the public eye.

Career Path For Social Workers

Case managers:

Case managers assist people by providing guidance and assisting them in locating the services and assistance they require to overcome adversity. Case managers also keep track of their clients’ progress and ensure that they stick to their treatment goals. The average salary of a case manager is $45,000.

Patient Care Coordinators

Patient Care Coordinators collaborate with medical facilities to ensure that their patients receive high-quality medical care. Collaboration with the administration and other staff members is an important part of this job as it will help hasten your job. The average annual salary of a Patient Care Coordinators is $29,000.

Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers act as Intermediaries between communities and social health services. Their mission is to make these services more accessible to people, to improve their overall quality, and educate community members about available programs, rights, and other resources. The average annual salary of a  Community Health Worker is $43,000.

Mental Health Care Counsellors

Counselors in Mental Health Care provide psychological support to those suffering from a variety of issues, including substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and abusive relationships. Mental health care counselors collaborate with experts from other sectors, including education and healthcare, to identify and address the source of people’s problems. The average annual salary of a Mental Health Care Counsellor is $45,000.

Substance Abuse Counsellors

Substance Abuse Counsellors assist people who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, eating disorders, or other behavioral issues. They educate this set of people and assist them in changing their behaviors so that they can fully recover. The average annual salary of a Substance Abuse Counsellor is $32,000.

School Social Workers

School social workers serve as the link between the school, students, and their families. They help children with disabilities, as well as children with educational or personal issues. It is the role of a school social worker to ensure that children’s needs are addressed and to give instructional programs on topics such as behavior, health, crises, and sexual education. The average annual salary of a School Social Worker is $33,000.



Social workers are trained to tackle social inequities and other obstacles to their clients’ overall well-being. 

They also assist people who are disabled, have substance abuse issues, or are involved in domestic disputes.

Social workers focus on the types of populations they want to assist while fine-tuning their practice. A clinical social worker, for example, focuses on mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. On the other hand, a community social worker might concentrate on research and development for local community.

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