Requirements For MBA At UNISA (2023)

The requirements for MBA at Unisa are nominal, and the course schedule is flexible to accommodate hard-working and career-oriented people who want to climb the professional ladder. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is generally seen as the ticket to executive positions in most establishments, and this is generally the province of business executives who have gained tremendous experience and exposure working for several years in different positions within corporate organizations.

The MBA program equips students with the skills to come closer to the driver’s seat in the organizations where they work. While it may not be a requirement in many organizations, it is recognized as a sign of readiness; a sign of personal development. Understandably, it could be difficult to find a CEO who does not have an MBA; organizations usually appoint only people who are passionate and driven to such positions.

While the program is rigorous, and extensive in range; the University of South Africa MBA program is flexible, and students are able to study at their own paces for up to the period of 8 years.

Requirements For MBA At UNISA

Every applicant must have a Bachelor’s Honours Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma, with a minimum of 120 credits, or a Bachelor’s Degree with 480-credits.

Every applicant must provide a copy of his transcript, showing the symbol or percentage obtained in each module. The transcript must also show whether or not the modules were completed.

Every applicant must provide a recent Curriculum Vitae showing three years or more of work experience in a managerial or professional position.

Every applicant must provide a clear copy of an Identity Document or Passport. Please note that a driver’s license will NOT be accepted.

Applicants may be required to write an admissions test in order to qualify.

Once Your MBA Registration Has Been Confirmed

The next set of requirements is financial; you will need to commit financially to your MBA program so as to be guaranteed a spot during classes. The first payment to be made is your application fee; which is non-refundable, and which is a one-time payment. This application fee is only R170, and must be paid immediately. Please note that the fee is non-refundable; the University is not obligated to pay back any money that has been paid.

For Any Enquires About MBA Payments In Unisa:

For Enquires about payment of the application fees, or any of the other financial commitments of the MBA program at Unisa, please contact the school MBA finance office:

Contact Person: Monicca Rakoma

Tel: +27 11 652 0221

Landline: 011 652 0312



Please note that the total fee for the MBA program at Unisa is R200 076, although students are not required to make the payment immediately.

For The MBA 1: You will pay R146,720  for 7 Compulsory modules + 2 electives.

The payment plan is broken down below:

Amount payable on registration: R 73 360 plus applicable levies

Amount payable on 15 March: R33 345

Amount payable on 15 May: R13 338

Amount payable on the date of second registration: R13 338

Amount payable on 15 August: R13 339

For The MBA 2: R53 356  for the Integrated Management Report

You must pay 50% on registration: R26 678

You must pay 25% payable 15 May: R13 339

You must pay 25% payable 15 August: R13 339

Acceptance / Registration fees According to Level of Study

You will pay application fees for MBA 1: R73 360

You will pay application fees for MBA 2: R26 678

The acceptance/registration fee is payable on or before registration. It is advisable to make the payment immediately you move to register. This is because the registration will only be processed after the registration fee is paid in full or a valid online purchase order is given. Please note that the bursar/sponsorship letter is not sufficient proof of payment for registration for the program.

As for those who are attending the program via sponsorship; the bursars/sponsors may request a Pro-forma invoice from the Fees Office. However, the invoices will only be created when a valid purchase order is received from the office or person of the bursar/ sponsor.

In The Event Of Withdrawal From The MBA Programme

The following are mandatory requirements that the University has undertaken to provide. Following Section 12(2) of the Consumer Protection Act, these are valid terms in the case of cancellation or withdrawal from the program.

If the withdrawal is done before the programme commencement date, then the student will be refunded in full.

Please note that any students who wish to withdraw from the programme must do so in writing to the Programme Administrator and the Fees Office. If a student does not do so, he will be liable to pay the full tuition fees for the programme.

Please note that students who are liable to pay the institution may receive financial blocks or any other legal actions. And even after the recovery actions have been initiated, the students will still be liable for the costs of the recovery actions.



The requirements for MBA at Unisa are not particularly difficult; you basically need good credits in your degree results, as well as a few years of experience in a managerial or professional position. Even the financial commitments are quite reasonable; and you do not have to pay all the fees at once. Availing yourself to this MBA program could open a world of opportunities; and help one climb the professional ladder.

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