Requirements For Becoming A Teacher

It’s no secret that teachers are underpaid and overworked. It’s also no secret that they make a huge difference in the life of every child they teach. However, becoming a teacher is not an easy task, especially when you take into consideration how many regulations there are for educators today. This guide will help you understand what it takes to become a teacher so that you can determine whether this is the right career path for you!

Requirements For Becoming A Teacher

Following are what you need to become a certified teacher;

Bachelor’s degree

While a bachelor’s degree is required to teach in most states, this isn’t always the case. To teach in some countries, a master’s degree and/or certification may be required, while other countries do not require any education at all of their teachers. You should check with your local school district to see what their requirements are before applying for a teaching job there.

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) accredited degree programs

If you’re thinking about applying to a school of education, you’ll want to ensure that the program is accredited. National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is a nonprofit organization that accredits schools of education based on their programs’ quality. The NCATE accredits schools for a maximum of 10 years; however, each school is allowed five reaccreditations unless it makes any changes in its curriculum or course offerings during that time period. In addition to keeping your options open when considering where to apply, it’s important to know if the school itself has been accredited recently.

To find out whether or not a particular teacher education program has been accredited by NCATE, visit the organization’s website and search for its list by state or name—there are currently more than 450 institutions listed!

State certification or licensure

You will also need to have your state certification or licensure. State certification is required to teach in public schools, but not in private or online schools. Some states do not require state certification for charter school teachers and others do not require it for homeschooling teachers either.

Criminal background check and finger printing

Criminal background checks are required for all teachers and staff who work with children. These checks must be completed before you can be hired by a school district in Louisiana. Fingerprinting is also mandatory, so make sure to schedule an appointment with your local police department or sheriff’s office if you need to get fingerprinted.

Minimum GPA

It is important to note that minimum GPA requirements vary from state to state. In general, however, most states require teachers to have at least a 3.0 GPA on their undergraduate degree in order to be eligible for teacher certification. Some states have higher minimum requirements and some allow candidates with lower GPAs as long as they can demonstrate their potential through other qualifications or professional experience.

A teacher needs to be educated

A teacher should be someone who is educated, certified and has a criminal background check. While the requirements differ by state, school district and school, there are some common standards that apply to all teachers.

Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university. They must also pass any required certification tests in order to get hired at a school. These tests can include subject-specific exams like those for math, science or English. In addition to having proper training and certification, teachers also need to be 18 years old in order for them to legally work as an educator in public schools across the country


In conclusion, becoming a teacher is a big commitment that requires a lot of work. First you need to get your bachelor’s degree, then you need to become certified by the state and finally you must pass certain tests before being allowed in front of students.

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