Reinstate My Canceled Application SASSA (2023)

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is the government department responsible for administering social grants in South Africa. It was established in 2012 following the merger of four government entities: The Department of Welfare, The National Compensation Fund, The Compensation Commissioner and the Compensation Review Board.

SASSA provides various services to its beneficiaries including the administration of social grants and pensions as well as administering child support payments and issuing travel documents such as passports.

Reinstate My Canceled Application SASSA

To reinstate a canceled application, follow these steps:

  • Go to the nearest SASSA office
  • Complete the SASSA forms and submit them in person at the nearest SASSA office

If you are not sure where your nearest SASSA office is, you can contact them. You can find their contact details on the SASSA website or in the SASSA app.

Once you have found your nearest location, make sure that they have all of your correct information so they can help you as quickly as possible.

Complete the SASSA forms.

To reinstate your canceled application, you will need to complete the SASSA forms. The first form is a cancellation form and the second form is a reinstatement form.

The first step is to fill in your name and identity number on both forms. Then, fill in the reason for cancellation on both forms. Lastly, fill in the reason for reinstatement of your application on both forms as well.

Submit the SASSA form in person.

  • Submit the SASSA form in person.
  • Don’t mail it. Mailing your application to another SASSA office or to a local SASSA office will not get you reinstated, and it may cause a delay in processing your application.
  • Don’t fax it; be sure to fill out every section of the form with either a pencil or pen (no crayons). Faxes are not accepted by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), and if they receive an incomplete application through this method, they’ll have no choice but to reject it outright, which means you’ll have to start all over again!
  • Don’t email it because they don’t accept electronic submissions of any kind at this time; only hard copies will do if you want them reinstated as quickly as possible so that they can avoid missing their deadline again next year when 2020 rolls around again (it’s just around December).

You can reinstate your canceled application by visiting your nearest SASSA office and completing the SASSA forms.

In order to reinstate your canceled application, you will need to visit your nearest SASSA office and complete the following forms:

  • Application for Restoration of Cancelled Registration Form
  • Request for Cancellation of Identity Document Form (if available)

You can use this link [] or this link [] in order to find a list of offices near you where you can go in person to submit these forms and reinstate your canceled application with the Social Assistance Scheme Commission (SASSCOM).


If you have lost your receipt and need to reinstate your canceled application, you can visit the nearest SASSA office or make an appointment on their website. You will then be asked to fill out a SASSA form that will enable them to process your application once more.

In conclusion, I hope this post has helped you better understand what steps you need to take in order for your canceled application not be reinstated by SASSA. If anything is unclear or if there are any questions about anything else related to this topic please leave us a comment below!

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