RDP House Application Form Online (2024)

The RDP Housing Scheme is a very popular scheme and is drawing a lot of attention at the moment because it is a very successful program that has provided around 2 to 3 million houses to poor South Africans. The RDP House Application Form is therefore understandably one of the hottest topics of discussion in South Africa at the moment because many South Africans are looking for how they too can benefit from this program, and so get their own RDP houses.

This program, instituted by late former President Nelson Mandela has been one of the greatest successes of South African society; it has created an opportunity for the poorest in the country to have a sense of belonging; this program has helped the poor feel like they have a stake in South Africa. The best part is that the program is still ongoing; you can therefore take advantage of it, and become a beneficiary of the RDP Housing Program. The first step of course is filling out the RDP House application form.

RDP House Application Form Online

To get the RDP house application form online, check the website for the form.

In order to get the RDP House Application Form, you will need to visit the Provincial Department of Human Settlements or the Local Municipality. However, we will give you a guide about how to fill out the RDP house application form so as to increase your chances of successfully getting the house.

As stated above; you can get the RDP house application form from your local municipality or from the Provincial Department of Human Settlements. Therefore, it is understandable that there will be small differences from municipality to municipality. However, the following fields are consistent throughout most of the RDP forms that we have come across.

The first section requires you to put in your name, sex, age, and address. Please ensure that you fill in the information correctly; married women should use their legal names as they may have changed them after their marriage.

You will also be required to provide your contact information including your phone, email, and alternative postal address.

You will also need to provide information about your employment status. Please remember that you will not qualify for the RDP Housing Program if you earn above R3500 per month in your household.

You will need to provide information about your dependents; this singular factor can go a long way to determine whether or not you will be successful with your application because the RDP Housing program is designed to provide accommodation to poor families. If you are not a family, therefore, you are automatically disqualified.

You will need the following documentation when filling out your RDP housing application form; copy of your ID, copy of Spouse ID, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Certified copies of Birth Certificates of all Dependents/ Children, Proof of Income (if employed), and Proof of Address.

Please Keep in mind that you will need to physically go to the Provisional Housing Department or any Local Housing Municipality to apply. There are several websites making invalid claims about filling the forms online on your behalf; whether or not these websites charge any money; the only sure way of getting yourself on the waiting list to get a house through the RDP Housing Project is by physically showing up at the office, and filling the form.

What Else Do I Need To Know Before Filling The RDP Housing Form?

RDP Housing means the Reconstruction and Development Programme. This program was instituted by the government of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela as a way of achieving a kind of social balance. By catering to the needs of the poorest among South Africa’s population, there would be a peaceful and prosperous society. Furthermore, when people have housing; which is a basic need; they can then become more productive members of society; exploring their talents, and doing more in their respective places of employment.

Let us reiterate that the purpose of building these houses is to provide for the needs of the poor; some of whom are living in shanties, in informal shelters, and on the streets.

Who Qualifies For An RDP House?

To qualify for an RDP house it seems that the first prerequisite is that you are in need. This is a social program that is created for homeless families, low-income families, and people with disabilities.

Here is how to qualify:

You must be a South African citizen with an ID document.

You must be married or living with a partner, or if you are single, you must have dependents.

You must be of adult age: over 21 years old and mentally competent to sign a contract.

You must be a first-time homeowner. That means you must not own any other house.

You must not be receiving any government subsidy.

You must earn a monthly salary that is not up to R3,500 per month for your household.

You can apply as a single military veteran without financial dependents.

You can apply as a single aged person without financial dependents.

What Else You Need To Know Before Filling The RDP Housing Form

There is no financial requirement; you are not required to pay any money or to give anything to anybody in order to fill the RDP housing form. If anybody has demanded that you pay any fees relating to the RDP Housing Program, please report that person immediately, either to his superiors or to the police. There are multiple ongoing investigations into alleged criminal activity surrounding the RDP Program.



Please keep in mind that even if you successfully fill out the RDP Housing application form today, you will not immediately be notified that a house in your name is ready for occupancy. It takes years for the houses to become ready, and while you can check the status of your RDP housing application; it may be better to give it a few months before you start checking.

There are those who have applied for this housing scheme as far back as 20 years ago, but who are yet to get their own houses; such ones need to follow up their application by physically going to the municipal offices to find out what has caused the delay. Ideally, the waiting period should be anywhere from a few months to 3 years.

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