Public Administration Salary Per Month In South Africa

As an administrator in a public sector organization, your salary is important. But what if you’re not sure what the average salary for a public administration position is in South Africa? In this blog post, we’ll provide you with the average salary for public administration positions in South Africa as of 2018. We also aim to dispel some of the myths about public administration and dispel some of the common misconceptions about this profession.

Public Administration Salary in South Africa

In South Africa, public administration salaries range from R1,645 to R5,245 per month. The national minimum wage is set at R2,500 per month. Salaries in the private sector are also generally higher than in the public sector. According to the South African Institute of Public Administration, in 2013 public administration employees earned an average of R3,928 per month, compared to the private sector employees who earned an average of R7,637 per month.

The Average Salary for a Public Administration Employee in South Africa

Public administration employees in South Africa earn an average salary of R7,801. This is based on a report by the Government Salary Council (GSC). The GSC advises the Minister of Finance on salary scales for public administration employees. The council’s report also found that administrative support staff earn an average of R4,431 per month.

The Top 10 Cities In South Africa For A Public Administration Career

South Africa is a country with an abundance of opportunities for public administration career growth in both the private and public sectors. The top 10 cities in South Africa for a public administration career are listed below, based on their GDP per capita.

1. Johannesburg – GDP per capita: R2,757
2. Cape Town – GDP per capita: R2,636
3. Durban – GDP per capita: R1,827
4. Pretoria – GDP per capita: R1,688
5. Port Elizabeth – GDP per capita: R1,651
6. East London – GDP per capita: R1,443
7. Bloemfontein – GDP per capita: R1,343
8. Grahamstown – GDP per capita: R1,318
9. George – GDP per capita: R978
10. Nelson Mandela Bay (includes Gauteng Province) – GDP per capita:R967

Public Administration Salary Per Month In South Africa

Public administration is one of the most in-demand occupations in South Africa today. According to the latest report by the Department of Labour, there is an acute shortage of skilled public servants in various departments and agencies. The average salary for a public servant in South Africa is R18,000 per month.

The following table shows the monthly salary ranges for different positions in public administration:

Position Monthly Salary (R) Junior Manager R7 000 – R12 000 Deputy Director R11 000 – R16 000 Director R15 000 – R25 000 Head of Department R21 500 – R35 500 Inspector General or equivalent rank R22 500 – R32 500

The above table provides a snapshot of the range of salaries that are paid to public servants in South Africa. The salary you get depends on your position and experience. If you are a recent graduate, your starting salary may be lower than if you have more experience. However, with hard work and dedication, you can reach a higher salary.


Public Administration Salary Per Month In South Africa
Salaries for public administrations in South Africa vary depending on the position and experience. Generally, salaries for public administrators range from about R24,000 to R130,000 per month. However, this can also depend on the location of the job and whether or not a bonus is offered.


Public administration professionals in South Africa earn an average salary of R16,926 per month. Salaries for this position vary depending on the employer and experience levels of the individual. The most common starting salaries for public administration professionals are around R15,000 per month. As with many other professions, salaries can increase as experience and skills are acquired.

The purpose of this article is to provide a snapshot of the salary range for public administration in South Africa. This information is based on data from Indeed, which provides a nationwide perspective on jobs and salaries. Bear in mind that salary figures vary depending on location, experience and skillset, so always consult your own employer or professional body before making any decisions.

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