Proof Of Legal Guardianship South Africa

If you are travelling with your child, you must have legal guardianship in order for him or her to travel with you. This article will explain what documents are required and how to get them.

Proof Of Legal Guardianship South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs requires that you have legal guardianship in order to travel with your child. A legal guardian is the person who has the right to make decisions on behalf of a minor and can be a parent or other relative, such as an aunt or uncle.

Legal guardians are responsible for making sure that their wards are safe and well cared for while they’re away from home. They must also do this within their means, which means they’re required to budget money carefully so that no one goes hungry or homeless because there wasn’t enough left over at the end of each month—especially if there were unexpected expenses during travel times like moving out of town when it was time for school year starts again!

Who Can Be A Guardian?

You can be a legal guardian of another individual. A guardian is someone who has been given the right to make decisions on behalf of another person for an indefinite period of time. In some circumstances, the individual being cared for may have the ability to make their own decisions but this does not happen often because it would be difficult for them to understand what was going on around them and how their choices affected other people’s lives.

It is important that you find out whether your friend or relative needs a legal guardian before making any decisions about where they live and what kind of support system (if any) you will provide for them in future years. If your friend or relative does not need one then there should be no problem with leaving things as they are; however, if they do need one then this article will help explain how this process works!

Letter of Consent by a Biological Parent

In order to travel with your child, you will need a letter of consent by a biological parent. A letter of consent is a document signed by a biological parent stating that they agree that you can travel with their child. The letter must be signed by the biological parent, not someone else (such as an attorney). It must also be dated and signed by the biological parent.

If there are any issues with this process or paperwork after it’s submitted, contact us today so we can help!

Unabridged Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a legal document that proves your citizenship and identity. It also proves your age, marital status and other information relating to you.

In South Africa, the process of getting an abridged birth certificate differs from country to country. However, it is always advisable to contact an attorney or legal representative before making any legal decisions about guardianship rights or other forms of guardianship support in South Africa.

Death Certificate

If you are a parent, the death certificate must be issued by an official South African authority. The child’s full name should be on the death certificate and so too should that of their guardian.

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Adoption Order

If you are the legal guardian of a child, there are many things that you can do for them. First, you can apply for an adoption order. This means that your child will become part of your family and has all the rights as any other family member.

If you want to travel with your child, then you need to have permission from the court before leaving South Africa or any other country in which they live as this can be dangerous for children who cannot speak English well enough to understand what is happening around them when away from home (and even more so if there are people trying to hurt them).

It may also cause problems if someone else becomes aware of where they go because this could lead back into neglecting their own responsibilities towards those under their care; therefore it is important not only just check with yourself whether or not this happens but also make sure that everyone else knows about such arrangements beforehand too!

Letter Of Authority From The Department Of Social Development

This letter is a legal document that proves that you are your parent’s guardian. It must be written on the department of social development’s official letterhead, signed by both you and the parent (the one who gave up his or her rights), and then signed by both of you again. A certified copy of this document will be sent to DSD so they can verify its authenticity before issuing a grant of guardianship.

You have to have legal guardianship in order for your child to travel with you.

You have to have legal guardianship in order for your child to travel with you.

  • If you are a parent, then the child will always be under your care and control. This means that they cannot travel without an adult present who is responsible for their actions and whereabouts.
  • If another person has been appointed as legal guardian of a child, then they may be able to accompany them on trips as long as they have permission from both parties involved (i.e., yourself and whoever was appointed).


Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of what legal guardianship is and how to obtain it. Remember that patience is key when applying for any sort of visa or permit. If you are still unsure of what documents are required for your specific case, then contact an immigration lawyer in your area who can help guide you through the process.

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