Programme Offered At Colleges And Universities Of Technology

The following is a list of programmes offered at colleges and universities of technology. They are listed in the order of National Certificate Vocational (NC(V)), National Diploma (NAD), Advanced National Diploma (ANAD), National N-Diploma (NND) and Higher Certificate in Education.

Programme Offered At Colleges And Universities Of Technology

1. National Certificate Vocational

The National Certificate Vocational (NCV) is a qualification that is offered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The NCV is a certificate that is awarded to candidates who have successfully completed structured vocational programmes of study.

2. National Diploma

National Diploma (ND) is a higher qualification than National Certificate. It is usually granted by a university, college of technology or other accredited institution after completing at least three years of theoretical and practical studies in the field of study chosen.

It is a post-secondary diploma which can be awarded by universities, colleges and other accredited institutions in South Africa as proof of completion of academic studies at this level.

3. Advanced National Diploma

The Advanced National Diploma (AND) is a post-secondary qualification awarded by universities of technology, polytechnics and colleges of education. The AND is the highest award available to students who have completed the National Diploma programme. Students who have completed the AND are eligible to register for a Bachelor’s Degree at university through direct entry or transfer from other tertiary institutions

4. National N-Diploma

The National N-Diploma is a post-secondary certificate or diploma awarded by a South African university or other accredited institution of higher learning. The National N-Diploma is equivalent to a National Diploma in South Africa.

5. National Higher Diploma

A higher diploma is a qualification awarded after the successful completion of a three-year university degree. It is a post-graduate qualification and it can be compared to an honours degree at other universities. To qualify for this programme, you will need to have had your Senior Secondary School Leaving certificate or be in possession of an equivalent certification from any other institution awarding certificates with similar academic standing.

College programmes offered at the tertiary level include National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD).


The technology is the future, and to be part of it we need to have a good understanding of the subject. We need better education systems that can train us enough in this field so that we are able to survive in it. As much as there is progress happening today still there are many areas where more research is required before they become useful for us in our daily lives.

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