Police Training Colleges In South Africa

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has a training college in every province. The SAPS Training College provides the following training courses.

Police Training Colleges In South Africa

The SAPS Recruit Training College Gauteng is a public college and the training institution for police officers. It was founded in 2014 by the South African Police Service (SAPS) as part of its effort to improve the quality of recruits and train them better than before. The college’s main objective is to provide high-quality training to its students so that they can become competent police officers who can uphold law and order at all times.

The SAPS Training College is located in the city of Vanderbijlpark, which is about 90km from Johannesburg. You can reach the college by taking any of the following routes:

  • Bus route 11 from Johannesburg to Vanderbijlpark and then catch a bus on route 4 or 5;
  • Taxi;
  • Car hire

SAPS Recruit Training College Gauteng

The curriculum offered by this institution includes basic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics etc., as well as more advanced subjects like criminal law; criminology; policing principles & practices; investigation techniques etc. Besides these core courses there are also elective modules such as traffic control operations management system (TCOMS); human rights abuse prevention & management systems; communications skills development program (CSD); forensic science training course for SAPS investigators

SAPS Recruit Training College KwaZulu – Natal

  • Location: The SAPS Recruit Training College is located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
  • Contact details: The phone number for the college is +27 11 767 2690.
  • How to apply: You can apply for a trainee position at this institution by filling out an application form and sending it in with your CV, which you must also provide if you wish to be considered for one of their courses or programs. In addition, you’ll need a passport with photo ID, travel insurance and proof that you’re legally allowed into South Africa (i.e., visa). Finally, come prepared with ties/shirts/pants etc.; these are provided upon arrival but may not fit everyone perfectly!

SAPS Recruit Training College Eastern Cape

SAPS Recruit Training College Eastern Cape

Location: Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Phone number: +27 (0)32 645 4771

Email address: [email protected] website link: https://www.sapsrc.co.za/contact-us/hours of operation (including when closed): Monday – Friday 08h00 – 16h30 Website link – https://www.sapsrc.co.za

SAPS Recruit Training College Western Cape

SAPS Recruit Training College Western Cape is the only police training college in the Western Cape. It trains police officers and other law enforcement professionals, such as traffic wardens and bailiffs. The college is located in Bellville, Cape Town and forms part of the South African Police Service (SAPS).

The course curriculum includes courses on firearms, criminal investigation skills and driver training. There are also opportunities to study an additional qualification if you wish to pursue a career outside of policing after completing your training at SAPS Recruit Training College Western Cape.

SAPS Recruit Training College North West Province

  • Location: Nelspruit
  • Type of training offered: SAPS Recruit Training College North West Province
  • How long does it take to complete training? 12 months (6 months of basic and 6 months of advanced)
  • What are the entry requirements for this course? You must be a male between the ages 18 – 30 years old with at least a Grade 10 pass in any matric certificate or equivalent qualification.

SAPS Recruit Training College Free State

  • Location: Free State, South Africa
  • Number of students: approx. 300 students per year
  • Number of staff: approx. 50 staff members
  • Number of facilities: The college has a total area of over 9100 square metres, outfitted with modern teaching equipment and facilities such as libraries, lecture halls and laboratories. There are also two outdoor shooting ranges for training purposes. A gymnasium is available for recreational use by both students and members of the public alike (both male & female). There are three classrooms which can be used at any time regardless if they’re full or not; these rooms include one classroom where lectures take place during normal working hours but also another room which we use as an office space when required.,

All police officers undergo training

All police officers undergo training. This is free, and it’s done in a safe environment. The training is provided by experienced trainers who have been trained themselves. The training can be done in various areas, locations and environments – from the classroom to the field.


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