Where Can I Pick Up My Sassa R350? (2023)

SASSA is incredibly serving and attending to millions of people in different places in South Africa. In fact as the R350 grant is concerned, there are more than 10 million beneficiaries within the system all around the country. Therefore, one of the expected things to do (which fortunately has been done) is to give the people different options to be able to receive their R350 grant with ease. That means, a beneficiary will simply settle for what is convenient for them.

If you have been wondering where you can pick up your Sassa R350 grant in South Africa, you can actually settle for the different options made available by Sassa, including directly to your bank account, the post office, Pick N Pay or Boxer stores, and so on.

Where Can I Pick Up My Sassa R350?

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has millions of beneficiaries they have been serving for some time now, and it is only normal that they will present different channels which the people can utilize to collect their R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. Here are the different mediums of getting your Grant:

  1. Your Bank Account

This is the first and prominent medium to receive your Sassa R350 grant from the agency. It is very easy and convenient on different grounds – both for the agency and for you too. All that is required is your banking details, and you will get the money delivered into your bank account with ease.

It’s advisable to go for this option as far as you have a functional bank account in any of the banks in the country. With this, they can easily process your money faster, and you will easily be alerted when the money comes in. Irrespective of what part of South Africa you reside, when you get the money paid into your bank account, you can easily withdraw it using an ATM at any time you feel like.

This has an edge over the other methods. For instance, if you are going to be picking up your Sassa grant at the post office, you must wait for some days before it can be fully processed and done. Nevertheless, with the bank account route, the money can come in instantly when the process is fully sorted out.

  1. Post Bank/Cash Send Services

Here is another easy and swift way to get your Grant. Here is a sort of immediate alternative that can be given to folks without a bank account. You can take advantage of the Post Office’s Post Bank Services, and you will still find the process smooth. Here, you can make use of your ID number as well as your phone number to pick your R350 grant.

Before you can hope to go this route, see to it that you have a phone and you use a mobile number that is registered. With your registered phone number as well as your proof of identification, you can always use this simple route to receive your R350 Grant also.

  1. Pick N Pay or Boxer Stores

You can also decide to pick your Grant payments at PicknPay or Boxer stores scattered across the country. So, let’s say you don’t have a bank account that can directly receive the money, and you don’t want to make use of the cash send services up there, then you have another option that revolves around going to pick up what belongs to you in person.

These centers have been in partnership with Sassa, and they have been a R350 payment collection space where tons of R350 SRD grant beneficiaries get their payments. However, before an individual can approach any of these stores, they are to first see to it that they first get an SMS from the agency that confirms that their money is now ready for collection. That is when they can move ahead to get their grant at either a Pick n Pay or Boxer store (and there are several of them in different places in the country). However, this doesn’t include Pick n Pay Clothing, BP Pick n Pay Express, nor Pick n Pay Liquor stores.

  1. Checkers, Usave, Shoprite, with selected OK Foods Supermarkets

Spreading its tentacles to ensure a very large of options to the millions of South Africans who will need to pick up the Grant, Sassa also partners with other companies like Usave, Checkers, Ok Foods, and also Shoprite. Interestingly, Shoprite is the latest organization that formed the partnership with Sassa. This is a good thing, since there are several branches belonging to the Shoprite Group in different parts of South Africa.

  1. The Post Office

A lot of people usually turn to the South African Post Office (SAPO) to pick up their Grant. While this entails taking out time to visit their physical offices and also exercising great patience, it is still better than certain other options. Aside being a major collection point for the R350 SRD grant, the there are several other government grants being picked here – talk about child support grant, disability grant, older persons grant, and so on.

However, just as it is when planning on collecting your stuff from the likes of Checkers and Shoprite and the rest, you should also wait to receive a SMS that confirms the availability of the money (your R350 grant) before going for it at the Post Office. Actually, this is also for your own good. Don’t forget that without this, you won’t be attended to by the staff there. Imagine having to wait for a long period of time only to be turned away because you can’t show them the proof.


In Conclusion

If you are still asking “where can I pick up my Sassa R350 grant”, the answer is you can receive it directly into your bank account, via post bank, at Pick N Pay or Boxer Stores, at selected supermarkets in South Africa (like Shoprite, Checkers, etc), and also in the Post Office.

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