Online Courses Without Matric In South Africa (2024)

Online courses without matric are becoming increasingly popular as a way to gain knowledge in a variety of areas without the requirement of matriculation. They provide an opportunity to learn in a flexible way that fits into other commitments such as work, family and other activities.

These online courses without matric in South Africa are often free or low cost and cover a range of topics from business and finance to creative writing and computer programming. With an ever-growing variety of courses available, it is now easier than ever to access information and resources for learning without the need for formal qualifications.

Online Courses Without Matric In South Africa

  1. Introduction to Business Accounting
  2. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  3. Introduction to Marketing
  4. Introduction to Project Management
  5. Introduction to Human Resource Management
  6. Introduction to Economics
  7. Introduction to Business Law
  8. Introduction to Business Statistics
  9. Introduction to Business Mathematics
  10. Introduction to Business Communication
  11. Introduction to Business Management
  12. Introduction to Business Strategy
  13. Introduction to Business Analysis
  14. Introduction to Business Intelligence
  15. Introduction to Business Process Management
  16. Introduction to Business Research
  17. Introduction to Business Ethics
  18. Introduction to Financial Management
  19. Introduction to Financial Accounting
  20. Introduction to Financial Mathematics
  21. Introduction to Taxation
  22. Introduction to International Business
  23. Introduction to Business Information Systems
  24. Introduction to Corporate Governance
  25. Introduction to Corporate Finance

What is the best course to study without Matric?

The best course to study without matric is a certificate or diploma course in a field that interests you. Some of the popular study options include hospitality, business, tourism, programming, web development, accounting, and more.

Many educational institutions offer these courses online, allowing you to study from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, some of these courses will provide you with the skills and qualifications necessary to start a career in the field.

What courses can I take at home?

There are many courses available to take online and at home. Some of the most popular include:

  1. Computer Science: Learn the basics of coding, software development, and programming languages.
  2. Business: Take courses in business management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.
  3. Language and Literature: Learn a new language or hone your writing skills with courses in English, Spanish, French, German, and more.
  4. Art and Design: Take courses in photography, graphic design, animation, and multimedia.
  5. Science and Math: Take courses in statistics, chemistry, physics, and more.
  6. Health and Wellness: Take courses in nutrition, fitness, health, and mental health.
  7. Education: Take courses in teaching and learning strategies, educational technology, and curriculum design.
  8. Social Sciences: Take courses in psychology, sociology, political science, and more.
  9. Personal Development: Take courses in personal finance, career development, and leadership.
  10. Technology: Take courses in web development, software engineering, and cybersecurity.

UJ free online courses without matric

UJ offers a range of free online courses without matric, providing learners with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in a variety of disciplines. Courses are available in a range of subject areas including: Humanities, Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Courses range from basic to advanced levels and cover topics such as: Computer Science, Programming, Business, Economics, Mathematics, Geography, Ecology, Psychology, History, Literature and Philosophy. Learners can also take part in online forums and discussion boards to share and discuss ideas with fellow learners.

UJ has a variety of options for those wishing to pursue free online courses without matriculation including: self-paced courses, asynchronous learning, and even full-length courses. Learners can benefit from the convenience of studying at their own pace, as well as the flexibility of taking courses at their own convenience.

UJ also offers a range of online resources to help learners get the most out of their learning experience. Learners can access online modules, lectures, quizzes and tests, as well as materials such as audio and video recordings. UJ also provides helpful hints and tips on how to prepare for examinations and assessments.

UJ’s free online courses without matriculation provide a great way for learners to gain valuable knowledge and skills without the financial burden of studying for a full qualification. The courses are suitable for anyone wishing to pursue further study, whether for professional or personal development.

Short Online Courses Without Matric

It is possible to take short online courses without a matric certificate. Many educational institutions offer these courses for those who want to gain knowledge or skills in a certain subject without having to commit to full-time study.

Short online courses can cover a variety of topics, from business and finance to art and creative writing. These courses are often self-paced, which means that students can learn at their own pace and complete the course within a given timeframe. Some courses require an assessment to prove that the student has successfully completed the course.

These courses are typically short-term, and can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. They are usually offered by universities, colleges, or other educational institutions. The cost of these courses can vary, but they are usually more affordable than traditional courses.

Short online courses provide a convenient way to learn a new skill or gain knowledge without having to commit to a long-term course. They are ideal for those who only have a short amount of time to dedicate to studying.

Online Free Courses Without Matric

  1. Codecademy: Codecademy offers free online courses in programming, web development, data science and more.
  2. Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers free online courses in math, science, economics, history and more.
  3. edX: edX offers free online courses from universities and organizations around the world.
  4. Udemy: Udemy offers free online courses from a variety of subject areas.
  5. Coursera: Coursera offers free online courses from universities and other organizations.
  6. Alison: Alison offers free online courses in a variety of topics.
  7. Udacity: Udacity offers free online courses in programming, data science and more.
  8. MIT OpenCourseWare: MIT OpenCourseWare offers free online courses in a variety of topics.
  9. FutureLearn: FutureLearn offers free online courses from universities and other organizations.
  10. OpenLearning: OpenLearning offers free online courses in a variety of topics.



Online courses without matric in South Africa provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills at a lower cost than traditional education. They are also convenient and flexible, allowing students to study on their own schedule from anywhere in the world.

In addition to the cost savings, online courses without matric can provide a more tailored learning experience for those who have specific goals. Online courses without matric can provide a wide variety of courses, covering a range of topics and skills. With the availability of online courses without matric, more people than ever before can access quality education and training without the need for matriculation.

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