List Of 20 Nursing Universities In South Africa (2024)

Nursing is a broad field that includes many different types of nursing careers. In South Africa, there are many nursing universities that offer degrees in all aspects of nursing.

These schools range from large public universities to smaller private schools. Each one provides students with the education they need to become a nurse and find employment after graduation. Here’s our list of the best nursing colleges:

Nursing Universities In South Africa

1. University of Kwazulu-Natal

University of Kwazulu-Natal is a tertiary institution situated in Durban, South Africa. The university was established in 2004 and is currently offering accredited academic programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

There are 14 faculties with over 200 departments that include the medical school, nursing school, pharmacy school, dental school, medical technology school and paramedical department. There’s also a School of Nursing as well as the School of Medicine available for students interested in pursuing their studies here.

2. University of Limpopo

Location: Thohoyandou, Limpopo

History: The University of Limpopo was founded in 2005. It is the first university in South Africa to offer a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Faculties: Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business Studies and Commerce, Faculty of Education Sciences & Technology, Faculty for Law & Management Sciences, Bafokeng School for Creative Industries (BCI).

Academic programmes offered: Bachelor’s degrees include Agricultural Science; Animal Science; Biochemistry; Chemical Technology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Economics & Management Science; Electrical Engineering; Fine Art Design & Visual Arts; Human Resource Management with International Tourism Studies (Hospitality); Industrial Mathematics with Information Technology Applications (ITA); Industrial Mathematics with Mechanical Manufacturing Processes (MMP); Industrial Mathematics with Progressive Manufacturing Systems (PRMS); Information Technology Applications (ITA) – Honours Degree Progression Route 2 Years Full-Time or Part Time Programme – Single Majoring Option ONLY! You can study at this institution only if you are eligible to do so as determined by regulatory authorities such as the Department Higher Education or by the South African Qualifications Authority SAQA/NQF Registration Requirements/NQF Accreditation Criteria respectively

3. University of the Free State

The University of the Free State (UFS) is a multi-campus public research university in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It was established in 1904 as a university for Afrikaners and was named Universiteit van die Vrystaat in Afrikaans, which translates to “University of the Free State”. UFS is the largest producer of veterinary graduates in South Africa and has been ranked among top 10 universities globally by QS World University Rankings 2018.

In April 2015, UFS joined over 500 other international universities in publishing an open access policy statement committing to make scholarly outputs freely available online. The statement was signed by all vice chancellors, directors and heads of libraries at the institutions that are part of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) HE International programme.

4. University of South Africa

University of South Africa (UNISA) was founded in 1918 and is the oldest university in South Africa. It has three campuses located in Pretoria, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth that offer courses ranging from medicine to law to engineering.

UNISA offers a wide variety of subjects, including business management and administration, development studies and public health sciences at its Cape Town campus; civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical/electronic engineering at its Port Elizabeth campus; law at its Pretoria campus; plus a number of other areas such as liberal arts or humanities (arts).

5. University of Pretoria

University of Pretoria is a public research university located in the capital city, Pretoria. It was established in 1920 as the University of the Transvaal and later renamed University of South Africa. In 1960, it became known by its current name following a change to its charter.

It is one of South Africa’s largest universities with over 300 000 students which makes it one of the largest and most prestigious institutions in the country. It has produced many notable alumni including former president FW de Klerk who graduated with an MSc degree in 1953, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu who graduated with a BTh degree in 1954 and Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer who graduated with an MA degree in English Literature (1939).

6. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) is a public university located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The university is named after the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President Nelson Mandela.

The school is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and has a focus on research, innovation and enterprise with special emphasis on development in the Eastern Cape region.

7. Rhodes University

Rhodes University is a public university in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It is one of the largest research universities in South Africa and offers a wide range of degrees and diplomas, with special strength in the areas of health sciences and humanities. The institution was founded as Rhodes University College in 1904, named after Cecil John Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia.

In 2004, it was incorporated by legislation as a full university with an academic staff complement at more than 1 800 members and about 24 000 students across its five campuses (Grahamstown Central Campus; Peacock Building; Science Campus; Human Sciences Campus; Engineering Campus).

8. University of Johannesburg

University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg (UJ), located in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa, is the largest university on the African continent. With over 56 000 students and more than 3 300 academic staff and support staff members it serves more than 17 000 full-time students and over 22 000 part-time students.

9. North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus

The North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus is located at the corner of the R50 and R546 in Vanderbijlpark. The campus was established in 2004.

The Vaal Triangle Campus offers various courses and programmes across a wide range of faculties including:

• Agriculture, Rural Development and Environmental Management (ARDEM)

• Education Sciences (EDSC)

• Engineering Technology (ENGTEK)

• Information Sciences (INFOI)

• Nursing (NURSEV)

• Pharmacy & Health Sciences (PHARMHEALTHS)

The Vaal Triangle Campus is known for its agricultural studies programme which includes both theoretical and practical learning. It also has an excellent reputation for providing quality healthcare services through its nursing programme at NURSING VTC

10. Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is a public university in South Africa. It is located in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa. The university’s motto is “To strive for excellence”.

The university is a member of the Association of African Universities, University Technology South Africa, and International Association of Universities.

Other Universities In South Africa:

  • University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of Fort Hare
  • University of the Western Cape
  • Walter Sisulu University
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • University of Zimbabwe
  • University of Zululand
  • Durban University of Technology
  • Stellenbosch University



There are many nursing universities in South Africa. The best thing to do is to find out which one fits your needs and then apply.

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