Northwest University Online Application 2022

So, you have decided to apply to Northwest University! That is a great choice. Now it is time to get started on your application. Here are five steps to help you along the way:

Northwest University Online Application 2022

Step 1: Read the full application and download relevant forms

Read through the application and download any forms you need to complete.

Review the full application, including all required documents, which are listed on this page.

Complete any forms that require a signature (you can sign electronically or print out and sign), then save them to your computer in case of technical difficulties with submitting your file.

Download the Statement of Purpose (SOP) form from this page and submit it by email as an attachment to [email protected]

Submit two recommendation letters by sending them as attachments to [email protected] . Please make sure that one letter is sent directly from your recommender’s Gmail account (iTunes does not allow us access), so please include instructions for how we should receive this recommendation letter if it is sent via another service such as DocuSign or Interfolio

Step 2: Gather your documents

First, gather your academic records from your former school. This includes:

transcript from the past 3 years;

diploma and certificate;

transcript from the past 2 years; and

transcript from the past year.

Step 3: Fill in the application form

Start filling in the required fields on the application form.

Upload all the required documents mentioned below:

Your transcript (you can upload it in PDF format)

Your certificate of graduation (you can upload it in PDF format)

Step 4: Submit your application form and documents

There are several methods by which you can submit your application form and documents. You should choose the most convenient method for you to complete the process.

Submit online: The application is submitted online. You will need a valid email address to access the online system, as well as a printer to print out your confirmation page and any other relevant documents that may be needed during this step of the application process. If you do not have access to a printer, please contact us so we can provide additional guidance on how best to proceed with submitting all required documents at this time.

If applicable, we also recommend that students upload their transcripts electronically through MyEducationProfile (MyEduP), an international transfer credit assessment tool developed with input from higher education providers worldwide (www.myeduprofile). The transcript submission service is available 24 hours per day year-round at www.myeducationprofile/transcripts/index?lang=en&noframes=1

Step 5: Wait for an invitation to the interview

If you have been invited to interview, the invitation will be sent out via email from the admissions office. If you do not receive an email within 3 days of being notified of your acceptance, check your spam folder and then contact the admissions office if this does not work. If you are still unable to find it, there may be a problem with your application which will need further investigation by our staff.

You must attend any interviews that are booked in advance so if you need to reschedule an interview please let us know as soon as possible. If we do not hear anything from you before the date of the interview then we will assume that either:

  • You do not want an interview or;
  • You do not wish to attend NWUO Online anymore and consequently we will reject your application at this stage

If you are planning on attending Northwest University, then it is time to start preparing and planning! This section will provide you with an overview of the steps that you will need to take in order to apply for admission. It’s important that you keep in mind that there is no guarantee of acceptance into the university until an invitation has been sent out by the school.


If you are planning to attend Northwest University and would like to be part of the class 2022, then now is the time to start your application process. You can begin by reading through the online application and downloading relevant forms from our website.

Next, gather together all your documents and fill out the form before submitting it along with your supporting documentation at one of our offices or by email. Finally, wait for an invitation from us so that we can meet up in person!

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