How Do I Change My Sassa R350 Payment To Pick n Pay? (2024)

There are millions of South Africans benefitting from the Sassa R350 grant from different places in the country. And one of the best things the Agency ensured they did is to make available different channels that people can utilize to get their payment. You can opt for bank account, checkers, shoprite, Pick N Pay, and so on. The ball is in your court. And as if that is not enough, they also made it possible to change one’s payment channel whenever you want to.

So, if you have been asking how do I change my sassa r350 payment to pick n pay, you simply have to get it done on the official website created for the purpose, which is Right there, you will be able to easily change your payment method from whatever it is to Pick N Pay. Once the changes have been successfully made, all you need do is to visit Pick N Pay to receive your Sassa R350 grant.

How Do I Change My Sassa R350 Payment To Pick n Pay?

If you have been picking your Grant using any other options, and you now want to change it to Pick N Pay for any reason, you can easily get that done all by yourself. The process is very simple. You only need to follow the procedure below to make this a reality:

Step One: With an internet enabled device (either a good smartphone or a PC), open the official website created for the purpose –

Step Two: Once the website is done loading, you should identify the spot that says: “How Do I Change My Banking Details”

Step Three: From there, you should insert your ID Number, and check to ensure it is correct

Step Four: Once you are sure your unique ID number is good, simply click Submit for the next step.

Step Five: The system will send a secure unique link to your phone number (the one you used in registering at the first instance) through SMS

Step Six: If all things being equal, you should easily get the link. Once you receive it, simply click on it. Definitely, it will help you finish the process as far as you carry out all the instructions shown to you.

Finally, you will now be able to change your SRD R350 payment to pick n pay right there with ease. Since what this discourse is all about is to change your payment method to pick n pay, see to it that you choose it before finalizing the changes. What it denotes is that you won’t be able to get your payments again with the previous method, but you will now be getting it at Pick N Pay (any of their branches in South Africa).

There are several methods of receiving the SRD R350 grant payment, and it is for the good of the millions of South Africans benefiting from the Grant. This is so because, you can easily settle for an option that is consistent with what you are more comfortable with. So, the Agency has given you the liberty to choose whatever method you desire, without having to impose any on you.

Also, since it is known that due to different reasons, a beneficiary may want to update their payment method and settle for some other options, the Agency ensured they made this possible too, for easy transitioning.

If you seem to be having issues accessing the website at the first instance, you should first check if your internet is good (you might want to open other websites too to confirm), as well as your web browser. If it persists, simply wait for some time and try again later.

It is also important to place emphasis on the need to carry out the process of changing your payment method to Pick N Pay, only on the phone number that was used in registering for the R350 grant in the first place. This is necessary and essential because the system will send your secure link to the phone number that was used for registration before you can be able to change your payment method to pick n pay.

Kindly note that once you have been able to successfully change your payment method, you won’t be able to collect the money again with the previous method.

So, let’s say you were previously getting the Grant with bank account. Once you have successfully changed it from bank account option to pick n pay, the Agency won’t send the money to your bank account again. Rather, you will have to visit Pick N Pay stores to get it.

Also, this will be beneficial to you if you are here to confirm if the best payment option out there is via pick n pay. You see, although you have the liberty to choose whatever method you prefer, the best method is payment into your bank account. In fact, Sassa itself is of the opinion that if possible, R350 grant beneficiaries should make use of their different bank accounts ahead of other options. This is so because it is easier for them to swiftly send your payment to the bank account when it’s time to get it.

Also, from your own end, you won’t have to disturb yourself too much trying to go to any collection center to pick your grant. With your bank account, you simply receive your grant and withdraw the money anywhere you are. Kindly note that if you want to settle for this option (bank account), you can achieve it via the process we already talked about (only that this time around, you choose bank account instead of pick n pay).


In Conclusion

You can easily change your Sassa R350 payment to pick n pay right now with your smartphone.

Once it is successfully done, you can start picking your Grant from any of the Pick N Pay stores in the country. In fact, beneficiaries can even use their SASSA Card to shop at any Pick n Pay stores around.

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