Marks Needed To Become A Doctor In South Africa

Becoming a doctor in South Africa is not an easy task. It requires hard work and perseverance. To become a doctor, you need to complete at least six years of study after high school and then pass the exams set by the Medical & Dental Council of South Africa (MDC).

Marks Needed To Become A Doctor In South Africa

Between 75% and 80% at the 2018 National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examinations.

The minimum requirements for medical school entry is between 75% and 80% in the 2018 NSC Examinations. This means that if you scored between 71 and 79, your application will not be considered.

It’s important to remember that there are other requirements besides the NSC scores you need to meet:

  • You must have at least 65% in each of the four recognised 20 credit bearing university subjects
  • You need to have a 50% or higher in Life Sciences from your Grade 11 final NCS examinations

Three compulsory subjects which must include Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Physical Science or Technical Mathematics.

To become a doctor in South Africa you will need:

  • a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB) degree;
  • at least two years of internship as part of your training; and
  • successful completion of the South African Medical Council’s assessment process.

To be admitted to study medicine, you need to have completed four recognised 20 credit bearing university subject. The term ’20 credit bearing’ refers to the number of credits that a particular course carries, which is usually worth more than one unit (for example, a typical undergraduate course will earn 1-3 credits per semester).

A university subject can be either a degree or diploma in any field of study; this includes science and commerce.

A minimum of 65% in each of the four recognised 20 credit bearing university subjects.

To become a medical doctor in South Africa, at least 65% is required in each of the four recognised 20 credit bearing university subjects. These must be from different faculties and they must come from a recognized university.

You may only apply to one medical school and if you fail to gain entry, then you are not allowed to retake any of these exams as there is no second chance at getting into medicine school in South Africa.

The student needs to have a 50% or higher in Life Sciences from the Grade 11 final NCS examinations.

Life sciences is one of the compulsory subjects for students who are applying for a medical degree. It is important to note that life sciences is a subject that is tested in the final NCS examinations.

The student might also be required to have completed their Grade 11 Life Sciences (Grade 11 Life Sciences or Grade 12 Life Sciences) from an accredited school and have obtained a minimum of 50% aggregate score in the subject before they can apply for admission into any medical school in South Africa.

A test administered by the University for pre-medical students on completion of their bridging year studies, at the end of their second semester.

Requirements for Becoming a Doctor in South Africa

To become a doctor in South Africa, you will need to complete the following requirements:

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC) marks of 50% or better in Life Sciences.
  • At least five subjects at level 10, one of which must be Maths Literacy and three other subjects from the Arts and/or Sciences streams. If you have completed fewer than five subjects at level 10, but have achieved a pass in Mathematics Literacy, then your application may still be considered by the faculty if there is a place available on their programme.

If your NSC results are not good enough for medical school entry on their own but you want to study medicine nonetheless, it is possible that they will accept your academic record as part of an application package that includes other evidence such as extra-curricular activities (which show leadership qualities), community service etc., if this shows that you are likely to do well in university studies.”


With all the requirements listed above, it can seem like becoming a doctor will be difficult. However, if you have the drive to do so, then nothing should stand in your way.

In addition to these requirements there are also some other factors that need to be considered such as having good grades and an understanding of both English and Afrikaans fluency skills.

So if this career choice is right for you then make sure you start preparing today!

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