List Of Garden Wedding Venues In Johannesburg (2023)

Garden weddings, with their natural appearance and flowers and greenery, tend to produce a fairy tale effect; like something out of a romance novel. In an urban city like Johannesburg, where greenery is not all that visible, people go to great lengths to find great garden wedding venues in Johannesburg, where they can have the wedding of their dreams; and give their loved ones a day to remember.

Of course, there is a small matter of cost; most of these gardens are owned by resort centres, and the charges can be quite huge, especially for the larger gardens. But if you start your search early, and you are clear about the size of the wedding you wish to have, it is very possible to find an ideal garden wedding location in or around Johannesburg, where you can say ‘I do’ in a romantic and serene environment.

List Of Garden Wedding Venues In Johannesburg

Shepstone Gardens

Shepstone Gardens is a top wedding venue in Johannesburg. It is a beautiful and well-maintained garden, complete with terraces, flowers, and a grass lawn. The backstops make great wedding photos, and the trees provide shade. From the outside it looks like a medieval castle; this would be a great place for movies as well. The flowers in and around the central backstop (where the couple will be seated) produce a multi coloured canvass of great beauty.

This is a highly sought-after wedding venue, so be sure to make your enquiries on time so as to be able to book this venue. It is located at 12 Hope Rd, Mountain View, Johannesburg, 2192, South Africa.


Houghton Terrace

Houghton Terrace is a secure, fenced-in compound with a building at the rear, and a very big garden in front. The garden is complete with lush carpet grass beneath your feet, beautiful flowers surrounding the compound, and trees proving shade and an extra shine on the photos.

This is a place that offers romance, serenity, peace, and security. The entrance and exit can be well covered so that people don’t gate crash your wedding, and so that your guests don’t have any reason to fear for themselves or their property.

This garden wedding venue is located at 3 15th Ave, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2041, South Africa.

Summer Place

Summer Place is not a cheap event centre; but it is certainly worth every penny. This garden is elaborately decorated with lush grass beneath your feet; flowers that are designed into round terraces, and open spaces that are designed into columns. There is also a huge body of water complete with beautiful statues of horses.

This is a beautiful place that oozes with grandeur; it will certainly keep your wedding in the headlines for some time to come, and the memories of your wedding will linger forever. Photos taken at this wedding venue are sure to come out sparking; this is something for the gallery.

Summer Place is located at 69 Melville Rd, Hyde Park, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa.

Temple Botanica

Temple Botanica is a guest house in Johannesburg that also doubles as a beautiful wedding venue for those that love its garden style. It is well fenced in; and surrounded with flowering shrubs and trees, for shade and extra beauty. There is even a penthouse gallery from which guests can observe proceedings, or if you like; the couple themselves could stay up there, while family and friends observe from below.

The venue is also safe and secure; it is fenced and offers a sense of security to celebrants as well as guests.

Temple Botanica is located at 283 Highland Rd, Kensington, Johannesburg, 2101, South Africa.

Plumpudding Guesthouse & Conference Venue

Plumpudding Guesthouse & Conference Venue is a beautiful and purposefully designed place. It combines both the indoor and garden experience; giving you the best of both worlds. There is a conference venue at the rear of the compound; it is large and comfortable, and then the garden in front is just beautiful; there are concrete walkways that are lined on both sides with trees, a great lawn with grass that is well trimmed, and flowering shrubs that provide shade and added beauty, especially for the photoshoot.

You can choose to use the conference hall, or just have your wedding outdoors. Or you could have the wedding indoors and the after-party in the garden.

Plumpudding Guesthouse Is located at 12 Chiselhurst Dr, Rossmore, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa.

Gillooly’s Farm

Gillooly’s Farm is a leisure spot in Johannesburg that has picnic tents, interlocking walkways, a lush garden, and a dam. This is like a small paradise where you can find fish, birds, and lovers strolling in harmony with nature. This is a great garden wedding venue in Johannesburg; it is secure and yet very natural. Even pictures taken at this location will certainly give the fairy tale effect that you want.

Gillooly’s Farm is located at 47 Boeing W Rd, Bedfordview, 2007, South Africa.

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue is a resort centre that is one of the nice outdoor wedding venues in Johannesburg.  It is like an urban, man-made forest; with flowers, grasses, and a central space where people can gather. This is a resort that has small separate lodges where your guests can stay, especially if they have travelled in from afar. The fence is also lined with trees for additional beauty and privacy.

The Forest Walk Venue is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cultivate Venue

Cultivate Venue, or Cultiv8 Venue as they spell it on Instagram is a resort centre that is great for weddings, and other such occasions. The environment is beautiful and romantic, and the garden is wide and woven with contours where couples can get a bit of privacy to steal looks and share the love with the whole world watching.

There are backdrops with flowers that were definitely put there to make picture-taking a more fulfilling experience. The venue has its own polished wooden furniture, which enhances the place’s beauty and simplicity.

Cultiv8 Venue is located in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Cradle Valley

Cradle Valley is an outdoor wedding venue that is beautiful yet simple. This garden has tall grasses that make an amazing backstop for photographs. You can also add lights, flowers, and balloons to the tall grass to spice up the looks. The venue is beautiful and romantic.

Cradle Valley is located in Muldersdrift, near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Steynshoop Valley Lodge

Steynshoop Valley Lodge regular venue for weddings; this resort centre has the advantage of having the facilities to accommodate up to a hundred guests. This is an advantage for those who are coming in from a distance to celebrate the wedding with the celebrants.

The wedding reception will be held in the garden which is wide and beautiful; laden with carpet grass and flowered bushes all around. Wedding pictures will have a wonderful background of greenery because the venue is on an elevated spot, overlooking much greenery below.

Steynshoop Valley Lodge is located in the Magaliesberg valley, in Johannesburg.



If a garden wedding venue in Johannesburg is what you want; there are several options. However, you need to know that the venues that are right in the centre of the city tend to be quite expensive; especially those with big gardens and lawns. The key is to begin your search well in advance of your wedding date; this is how you are able to choose a location without the pressure of time.

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