Limpopo Department Of Agriculture And Rural Development

Welcome to the website for the Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Here you will find information on all the departments and divisions within the department, including our vision and mission statements.

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Limpopo Department Of Agriculture And Rural Development

This are departments of the government of Limpopo, located in South Africa’s northernmost province. Their aim is to provide services that promote food security, conservation management and agricultural development. These services include:

  • Policy formulation and planning – The department produces policy documents that recommend strategies for agricultural development in our province;
  • Implementation of programmes – they implement programmes that support farmers and other small-scale agricultural producers;
  • Monitoring and evaluation – they monitor implementation progress against agreed targets so as to evaluate whether we are on track or need to adjust their strategy in order to meet these targets

The Department is divided into four main areas: Agriculture Development; Conservation, Environment & Rural Development; Land Reform & Resettlement; and Research & Development. These divisions administer their own programmes as well as providing support to other Departments within the Government that deal with issues affecting agricultural production such as poverty alleviation or social services delivery systems.

The major functions of these divisions include:

  • Development of food security through crop production (agricultural extension services), livestock development (livestock research), fisheries management, water resources management, biodiversity conservation etc.;
  • Encouraging sustainable small-scale enterprise development through entrepreneurship development programmes targeting youth in rural areas;
  • Promoting rural tourism through marketing strategies aimed at promoting local attractions/products which can be used by tourists visiting rural areas – thereby promoting economic growth in areas where currently economic activities are limited due to a lack of infrastructure facilities such as accommodation facilities for tourists etc., thus increasing employment opportunities for locals who could then become entrepreneurs themselves if given access affordable finance from financial institutions operating in rural areas.


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