Kwazulu Natal University Online Application

Kwazulu Natal University is a public university located in Durban, South Africa. It was founded in 2005, with the merger of three institutions: University of Durban-Westville; Vista University; and Midlands State University.

Kwazulu Natal University Online Application

Step 1 – Registration

Go to the official website of the university (

Click on the “Apply for Admission” link in the top menu bar.

Select your preferred programme of study and year of admission, or choose a combination of both if you are unsure of where to begin with your studies but would like some guidance along the way.

Fill in all required fields on this page as best as possible, clicking submit once you’re finished filling out your personal details including contact information, academic background and interests, etcetera.

You will also have an option to upload a photograph which can be used by officials at UKZN Online if they need it prior to making any decisions regarding acceptance or rejection into their program(s) of choice; however do not worry about this step too much since most students end up being accepted regardless!

Step 2 – Personal Details

Personal Details

Name (first and last)

Date of Birth

Gender (male/female)


Contact Details:

Email Address

Phone Number

Step 3 – Academic History

In this step you need to provide details of your academic history. This includes:

Your name, date of birth and ID number from previous tertiary institutions;

Any academic results that you have achieved since leaving high school and any distinctions in those courses;

Awards and achievements for excellence in academics or leadership roles within the community;

Academic background (i.e. what was your final year result at high school).

Step 4 – Programme Selection

Select your programme: You can change the course modules at a later stage, but select your preferred degree and study mode.

Choose your campus: To keep things simple, we’ve grouped our campuses into three broad categories that are listed in order of proximity to each other (and Durban). The first group is close to Durban and Pietermaritzburg; these include Edgewood College and Waterford Kamhlaba School; the second group is located in Pietermaritzburg; and the third group is situated in Ladysmith. You’ll be able to select from all three once you’re in your application process.

Select between full-time or part-time study modes: Full-time students attend classes on campus during weekdays from Monday through Thursday, while part-time students complete their degrees over weekends or even while working full time during weekdays. Your chosen mode depends on whether you want to devote more time to academics or keeping up with your career/business commitments outside of school hours.

Step 5 – Course Selection

Select the course code and name.

If you don’t find your course in the list, use the search option.

Read through all information about each course carefully to make sure that it is what you want to study.

If a question mark appears next to your choice of course, this means that we aren’t sure whether or not this course is being offered at our campus/academic year. To get more information on whether or not this will be offered during your preferred time of registration, call us on 031 562 8100 or send us an email: [email protected].

Step 6 – Declaration

The Declaration of Personal Details form is your opportunity to tell the University about yourself. You should provide all necessary information about yourself so that we can process your application as efficiently as possible.

If you have any special circumstances, such as studying with a disability or learning difficulty, please indicate this on the form.

In addition to providing information about your personal details and academic history, you must also declare whether or not you wish to be considered for admission through early admission (if offered). If yes, please give reasons why this option would be beneficial for you and how it might help achieve your goals more quickly than waiting until 2020 for entry into first-year study at Kwazulu Natal University.

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