Is Rhodes University Still Open For Applications?

The Rhodes University is a well-known university located in South Africa. It has been in existence since 1904 and it has produced great work over the years. The university offers various courses to interested candidates that are looking to further their education at an institution that offers quality education like this one does.

Is Rhodes University Still Open For Applications

The Rhodes University is known to be one of the top institutions in South Africa that have produced great work so far.

There are various courses being offered at the university and now the university has opened applications for 2021/2022 academic season for interested students. Below is a look at some of the courses that you can study if you choose Rhodes University for your higher education.

  • Bachelor of Commerce: This is a four-year course offered by the Faculty of Commerce, which offers undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Finance.
  • Bachelor of Arts: This is also a four-year programme that offers undergraduate degrees in Creative Writing, English Language and Linguistics; History and Politics; Literary Studies (English Language); Music; Philosophy; Psychology; Religious Studies; Social Work and Sociology.
  • Bachelor of Science: This is another four year course offered by various faculties such as Agriculture & Environmental Sciences (AES), Biological Sciences & Biotechnology (BSB), Chemical Engineering (CE), Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) , Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) , Mechanical Engineering(ME), Mathematics & Applied Mathematics(MAM)

To apply for admission into these programmes applicants must meet certain requirements including:

Rhodes University is a top university in South Africa. It has been known since its inception as a top university that offers quality education, so if you are looking for a place to study, then you can opt for Rhodes University because of its amazing facilities.

Is Rhodes University Still Open For Applications?

Yes, Rhodes University is still accepting applications from interested candidates. Rhodes University is a top university in South Africa offering various courses to students. Rhodes University offers quality education and amazing facilities to the students. The school has many campuses across South Africa including Grahamstown, Kimberley and Port Elizabeth to name a few.

If you are thinking of applying for admission at this university make sure you do your research on what they offer before applying as there are many universities out there that may provide better value for money than other institutions like Rhodes University so be sure not to waste your time by applying somewhere that won’t provide value for money!


If you want to study at Rhodes University, then it is important that you know the application process. The university has opened applications for 2021/2022 academic season and interested candidates can apply for any course of their choice.

The application fee is R600 which should be submitted with other documents before 30 June 2020, so if you have applied before then, do not worry because your application will still be considered under this deadline.

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