Identity Verification Failed Sassa Meaning

If you are getting an identity verification failed warning on your Sassa profile, here is how you fix it.

Identity Verification Failed Sassa Meaning

I know you are probably scared right now, and you may be wondering what exactly is Sassa Identity Verification Failed?

The fact is that the message appears on your Sassa profile when there is a problem with the way you have entered your ID number or the serial number of your smartcard. This means that something has gone wrong with the information being sent to Sassa from either your online application or from physical submission at any agent location.

It is not a virus, malware or scam, but rather a warning message that you need to fix in order for them continue processing your application.

How to fix this SASSA error.

There are several things you can do to fix this error. The most important thing is to re-submit your ID documents. You’ll want to make sure the document is complete, and that all relevant information has been filled in correctly. Also, check for any missing signatures or photographs on your documents, as these will cause the verification system to reject them.

If you’ve already done that and received this error message again, then it’s possible that something went wrong during delivery of your application form or ID documents from Sassa to SARS (South African Revenue Service). In this case you’ll need contact Sassa for more information about how they were delivered and where they’re now at: their contact details can be found here [].

If there was a problem with delivery of your application form or identity documents by Sassa itself then they will have sent an email letting you know what happened – maybe there was an issue with payment? You should also check any emails that could have been sent directly from them because sometimes these messages go into spam folders!

SASSA Identity Verification Failed FAQs

If you have a Sassa identity verification failed message, it means that there is an issue with your identity documents. This could be because the information on them isn’t accurate or someone else has already applied for a social grant using your identity details.

Are somebody’s Sassa profile and identity compromised when this happens?

The answer to this question is no.

Your identity is not compromised when you receive an error message that your Sassa profile and identity are not verified. This means that only Sassa has attempted to verify your information. It has not been shared with anyone else, including banks and other government agencies.



We hope that this article has helped you solve your problem. If not, please contact Sassa customer care on 0800 100 123 or visit for more information about how to fix the SASSA identity verification failed error message!.

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