How To Reinstate My Canceled Application SASSA (2023)

If your application has been cancelled, don’t worry! You can still reinstate it by following these simple steps:

How To Reinstate My Canceled Application Sassa

Login to the SASSA website.

You can login to the SASSA website using your ID number, grant and password. You can also login using your ID number and password. You can also login using your ID number, grant and password. You can also login using your ID number, grant and password.

Click on “Update my profile”.

To complete the application renewal process, you must follow these steps:

  • Click on “Update my profile”
  • A new page will appear where you can change your profile details. The system will automatically detect that you have applied for a new Sassa card and will prompt you to re-enter your personal information.

Enter ID number, grant and password.

The next screen will display your ID number, grant number and password. Enter the correct information and click on “Continue” when you are done.

The next step involves answering several security questions that have been set up for you by SASSA. This is to ensure that only you can access your account. You need to answer these questions correctly in order to proceed with the application process of a SASSA grant number reinstatement request successfully.

Once again, enter all the information as accurately as possible into these fields and click on “Continue” when done entering each one:

  • Your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) (example: 17/04/1953)
  • The name of your first school or teacher’s name (example: John Smith)
  • Your favorite color (example: red)
  • Your favorite sport or musical instrument (example: soccer)

Click on “Update personal details”.

  • Click on “Update personal details”.
  • Update your cell phone number and email address, if you have changed them recently.
  • Make sure to update your address as well if it has been changed recently.
  • Provide the correct information regarding your name, gender and marital status in order to complete this task successfully! We advise that you fill in these fields with just one change at a time so that there is less chance of making mistakes when filling in the form later on during this stage of the process (it gets easier from here).
  • Enter all relevant information about yourself such as occupation, ID number and DOB before clicking “Continue”.

Enter new SA cell phone number and click on “Continue”.

Provide your new South African cell phone number in the field and click on “Continue”.

You will then be asked to provide the same new South African cell phone number again. Make sure that you enter it correctly or else, you will not be able to proceed with the process. Click on “Confirm” after you have done so successfully for verification purposes

  • Enter your new South African cell number again and click on “Confirm”.
  • If the previous phone number was correct, the system will automatically take you to the next page where you will be required to enter a valid debit order or credit card details.

If you have not yet managed to get your application reinstated, there are several ways you can contact SASSA for help.

Call the customer care line on 0800 085 1023 or +27 (0)11 806 0030 from outside South Africa. You can also send an SMS to 30333 with the keyword SA followed by your pin number.


If you are still having problems contact SASSA for help

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