How To Become A Radio Presenter In South Africa (2024)

Have you ever dreamed of being on the radio? Is radio your thing, but you don’t know how to break into it? Well, I have news for you: It is possible!

To become a radio presenter in South Africa, there are several steps that you will be required to explore. These include getting the right qualifications and honing your craft amongst others.

How To Become A Radio Presenter In South Africa

Get The Right Qualifications

To become a radio presenter in South Africa, you need to have the right qualifications. If you want to work on radio, then your best bet is to get a degree. This can be in the form of broadcast journalism or broadcasting studies.

The latter tends to be more practical and hands-on but both will give you sufficient knowledge of how to write scripts and run live broadcasts.

Hone Your Craft

You need to be a student of the craft. Read up on other people’s experiences and listen to how they carry themselves on air. Listen to their voice, their cadence, their style and tone; but also listen for mistakes and elements that you can improve upon in your presentation style.

Try reading the news or reading out loud from books; this will help you develop good diction and make sure that everything comes across clearly when you’re talking into a microphone (especially if there is background noise).

Think about what makes other presenters sound good. What makes people who are good at what they do sound so good?

Put In The Work

If you want to be a successful radio presenter, you need to know that it’s going to take some work. Sure, being in the right place at the right time helps – but even then there are no guarantees. If you’re serious about getting into radio, you’ll have to put in hours outside of your normal working day and week.

You’ll have weekends off – but they might not always coincide with when your friends are free so don’t plan any big nights out during this period!

Be Ready for Long Shifts

You also need to be prepared for shifts outside of your comfort zone. Long shifts where all you do is talk; late shifts when everyone else has gone home; early morning ones when there’s fog outside and nobody else is around because they all went home earlier than usual because they didn’t want their cars stolen or whatever other nonsense was going on that night/morning/afternoon/year.

Be prepared to learn new skills

You’ll probably end up learning new skills too, like how best not to offend someone who isn’t white because our country is still deeply racist despite what current political rhetoric says; ways of engaging with people from different cultures who may have very different expectations about how social interaction works than us English-speaking types who tend toward directness rather than subtlety (or vice versa).

And all this hard work will probably pay off eventually… unless it doesn’t!

Don’t Give Up And Be Patient

No matter how much you prepare and research, it is vital to remember that the industry is not quick to give up on newbies who want to enter it.

You will need to be patient and persevere when applying for jobs, as well as keep working hard at improving your skills and building contacts in the industry.

You will also need resilience and persistence if you are going to succeed in radio presenting. Radio presenters have a certain level of experience required before they can progress from being an intern or host on a local station up through regional media outlets until they become household names on national radio stations.

If you don’t get what you want straight away, don’t worry! Just keep going because this is worth it!

The most important thing for any aspiring radio host is persistence in their pursuit of success; if they’re not motivated enough or passionate enough about what they’re doing then why should anyone else care about what they have to say?



The path to becoming a radio presenter is not an easy one. It will take hard work, perseverance and patience. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have fun along the way but there are going to be some tough times too.

You will need to be patient with yourself because it can take years before you become a professional presenter and get your show on the air. If this is something that you want, don’t give up just because things don’t happen as quickly as you would like them to!

So, there you have it. The steps you need to take to become a radio presenter in South Africa. It’s not an easy process by any means, but if you have what it takes then we encourage you to go for it!

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