How Much Is Application Fee At UNISA?

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is a public university that was founded in 1918. The university has its main campus situated in Pretoria, and it also has campuses located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Unisa offers many programs in various fields such as medicine, law, arts, engineering and science among others.

If you are planning on applying at UNISA then it is important that you know how much does Unisa charge for application fees before submitting your application forms so that you do not incur any losses when making payments online for the same.

How Much Is Application Fee At UNISA?

If you are applying for Unisa then you might want to know how much they charge in application fees. The application fee is R115 and it comes with a payment slip that must be signed by the applicant before submitting it at the bank.

This fee can be made online, over the phone or offline. You will have to pay this fee once per application irrespective of whether your application is successful or not. So, if you apply three times, then you will pay R315 as an application fee which we think is quite affordable.

You should also know that other institutions like Wits University charge around R900 per course whereas TUT charges about R500 per course but these universities offer more opportunities than Unisa does so check out their websites too before making up your mind about where to study next year!

The application fee is not that high comparatively and so you can easily apply there. The application fee is R115. This amount may seem like a lot of money for some people but it is not as expensive or even high when compared to other universities in South Africa.

The application fee at UNISA is cheap, this means that you do not have to worry about having enough money on hand when applying for admission in this institution.

The application fee has been reduced by 50% from a few years ago because they want more students who cannot afford the school fees and accommodation costs to be able to get into their university as well as other public institutions like Wits University where tuition fees are also very expensive compared to UNISA which charges relatively cheaply compared with other schools around us here in South Africa.”

If you are applying for more than one program, then you can use the same application form. This will save you the time of filling out a new application for every program that you want to apply for.

You will be surprised to know that they charge only R115 per application. This is not a lot of money at all and it is worth it if it means having access to some of the best universities in South Africa.

When you apply to UNISA, you will be charged an application fee of R115. Once you pay the application fee, it cannot be refunded or transferred to other programs. If your application is unsuccessful and you don’t withdraw from the process, your money will not be returned.

It is important to note that if there is any change in your personal circumstances after submitting your documents and paying the application fee, then you should contact the institution immediately so that they can make adjustments before sending out offers of admission.

Application fee at UNISA is R115

You will be required to pay an application fee of R115. The payment can be made via a credit card, which you will be required to fill out on the Unisa website. Please note that this is non-refundable, non-transferable and you must have your own bank account or credit card in order to use it.


We hope that you have got all the answers to your questions and now you know how much to pay for application fee at UNISA.

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