How Much Does Funza Lushaka Pay Per Month?

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How Much Does Funza Lushaka Pay Per Month?

In the “Jailbreak” movie, Funza Lushaka is paid $20,000 per month for playing the role of a lawyer.

Funza’s contract was announced on January 19th, 2019. The announcement was made by the producer and director via his official Twitter page, which is run by Funza’s agent.

The actor himself also tweeted about it, sharing a photo of his new contract and saying how happy he is to be part of the project.

The first day of shooting was characterized by its very distinct atmosphere, which was clearly visible on the faces of all those present at the venue. The cast and crew were excited about this new thing they were about to embark upon, as well as being nervous about how it would turn out. This led to a lot of laughs from everyone involved and contributed positively to building team spirit throughout production days.


In conclusion, Funza Lushaka was paid $20,000 per month and $500,000 over five years.

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