How Does Amended Senior Certificate Look Like?

The amended Senior Certificate is a document that contains all the information necessary to ascertain whether a candidate has successfully completed their senior secondary education at school. It also contains information on how well they fared during their last year of study as well as details about the subjects in which they excelled and those for which they need improvement.

How Does Amended Senior Certificate Look Like

The certificate states the name of the candidate, their sex, the examination year and number, the issuing authority and reference number of the certificate.

It also gives details about their previous schooling (name of schools where they studied) and marks obtained in various subjects (including practical subjects).

The total points obtained by each candidate is also indicated on this certificate

The certificate offers information on “the levels at which subjects fall” as well as “the class or division of achievement” that have been awarded to a candidate.

The certificate lists all the subjects you have studied and gives you an idea of what they are worth in terms of points and credits.

It also provides information on the total number of points required for an NSC level 6,7,8 & 9 respectively.

The amended Senior Certificate is a replacement for both the senior certificate and the amended senior certificate. It is also a national certificate, which means that it can be used to apply for any courses in South Africa.

The newly-amended certificates will be issued only after completion of all examinations pertaining to a particular year. The certificate will be issued at the end of the year, after all examinations have been completed, results released, and appeals heard.

For candidates who have been awarded Senior Certificate (amended) for a particular year but who want to improve their results by writing additional subjects, special arrangements will be made.

Candidates who do not apply for the opportunity to write additional subjects and improve their results will lose their place at any tertiary institution and may be required to repeat the whole year if they wish to continue with study at that institution.


The amended Senior Certificate is a great way for students to gain more knowledge about their skills and abilities. This certificate helps them plan their future careers, as well as improve their scores if they wish to continue studying in higher institutions of learning.

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