How Do I Pay My UNISA Application Fee?

Welcome to UNISA, South Africa’s largest and most prestigious learning institution. If you’re considering applying to UNISA, one of the essential steps is paying your application fee. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of paying your UNISA application fee, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Understanding the UNISA Application Fee

The application fee serves as a processing fee and is required for UNISA to review and consider your application. It covers administrative costs, such as verifying documents, processing applications, and evaluating eligibility criteria.

What is the Current Application Fee?

The UNISA application fee for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications is R125 for interested applicants. However, it’s essential to contact their admissions department for the most up-to-date information.

Methods of Payment

Online Payment

Paying your UNISA application fee online is quick, convenient, and secure. Follow these steps to pay online:

1. Visit the UNISA website ( and navigate to the “Applications” section.
2. Select the appropriate application category (undergraduate or postgraduate) and proceed to the payment portal.
3. Enter your application details, including your student number or ID number, and the qualification you’re applying for.
4. Choose the online payment option (credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer).
5. Follow the instructions provided to complete the payment process.
6. Once the payment is confirmed, save the payment receipt for future reference.

Bank Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

If you prefer to pay your application fee through a bank deposit or electronic funds transfer, here’s how to do it:

1. Identify UNISA’s official bank account details from their website or contact the admissions department directly.
2. Visit your nearest bank branch or use your bank’s online banking platform.
3. Complete the necessary payment details, including the beneficiary name (UNISA), account number, and reference number (your student or ID number).
4. Submit the payment and obtain the proof of payment or receipt for future reference.

Additional Information and Tips

– The application fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application. Therefore, ensure you meet all the requirements before submitting your payment.
– International applicants must ensure that their payment method is valid for transactions in South Africa.
– It’s advisable to make the payment well in advance of the application deadline to allow for processing and to avoid any potential delays.

Contacting UNISA for Assistance

If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions regarding your UNISA application fee payment, don’t hesitate to contact UNISA’s admissions department directly. They will be able to provide the necessary guidance and support to ensure a smooth payment process.

International Applicants: Currency Conversion and Payment Methods

If you are an international applicant, it’s important to consider currency conversion and ensure that your payment method is valid for transactions in South Africa. You may need to check with your bank regarding any applicable fees or restrictions for international transactions. Additionally, UNISA’s website or admissions department may provide specific instructions or resources for international applicants regarding payment options.

Application Fee Payment Deadline

UNISA typically sets a deadline for payment of the application fee. It is crucial to make the payment before this deadline to ensure that your application is processed on time. Missing the payment deadline may result in your application not being considered for the desired intake.

UNISA Admissions Department Contact Information

If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding the payment of your UNISA application fee, you can reach out to the UNISA admissions department. They have dedicated staff who can provide guidance and address your concerns. Contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, can usually be found on UNISA’s official website.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

UNISA understands that some applicants may face financial constraints when it comes to paying the application fee. In certain cases, the university may offer financial assistance or waivers for eligible candidates. It’s advisable to explore the scholarship and financial aid options available at UNISA to see if you qualify for any support in covering the application fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Paying UNISA Application Fee

1. Can I pay my UNISA application fee in cash?

No, UNISA does not accept cash payments for the application fee. The recommended methods of payment are online payment, bank deposit, or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

2. Can I pay the application fee after submitting my application?

It is highly recommended to pay the application fee before submitting your application. Your application will only be considered once the payment is confirmed. Submitting the fee along with your application ensures a smoother and faster processing of your application.

3. Can I get a refund if my application is unsuccessful?

No, the application fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with processing applications and cannot be reimbursed.

4. What should I do if I encounter any issues during the payment process?

If you face any difficulties while making your UNISA application fee payment, it is advisable to contact UNISA’s admissions department for assistance. They have dedicated staff who can guide you through the payment process and resolve any issues you may encounter.

Important Tips for Paying Your UNISA Application Fee

Double-check your payment details

Before submitting your payment, carefully review all the payment details you have entered. Ensure that your student number or ID number, as well as the qualification you’re applying for, are correct. Any errors in these details may lead to processing delays or complications.

Keep proof of payment

After making your payment, it’s crucial to keep a copy of the payment receipt or proof of payment for future reference. This documentation serves as evidence of your payment and can be useful if any discrepancies arise in the future.

Plan and avoid last-minute payments

To ensure a smooth application process, it is recommended to pay your application fee well in advance of the application deadline. Last-minute payments may lead to delays in processing, and you might risk missing the application cutoff date.

Verify the current application fee

It’s important to verify the current fee on UNISA’s official website or by contacting their admissions department. Fees may change over time, and it’s crucial to have the most up-to-date information.



Paying your UNISA application fee is a critical step in pursuing your educational goals at this esteemed institution. By considering the specific requirements for payment, adhering to deadlines, and utilizing available resources, you can navigate the process smoothly. Remember to double-check the current application fee, keep proof of payment, and reach out to UNISA’s admissions department if you have any questions or encounter difficulties.

With careful attention to the payment process, you can set yourself up for success in your UNISA application. Timely payment and accurate documentation are essential for a smooth and efficient application process. Remember to keep the payment receipt for future reference. Best of luck with your application and future studies at UNISA!

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