How Do I Cancel My Sassa R350 Grant? (2024)

Since the introduction of the R350 grant by the government of South Africa, there have been millions of qualified South Africans who have registered and have been receiving their grants.

However, since the whole idea was to serve only a particular subset of people in the country, a beneficiary can find themselves in a position where they no longer need the grant. In such a case, they can simply cancel the Sassa R350 grant with ease, so the resources will be channelled to citizens who truly need them.

You can easily cancel your Sassa R350 grant through Sassa’s official website – right now with your mobile phone.

How Do I Cancel My Sassa R350 Grant?

Here is the simple process needed to cancel your Sassa R350 Grant right now:

Step One: With an Internet-enabled device (a smartphone or a PC), open the official website of Sassa created for the purpose – which is

Step Two: Once the webpage is done loading, identify the space that says “Cancel My Application”. It is not difficult to locate

Step Three: There is a spot that says: “Click Here To Cancel Online”. Simply click on it to go to the next step.

Step Four: You will be presented with a space to insert your ID number. Ensure you key in only the right digits if you don’t want to experience issues with the next steps

Step Five: After this, you will be able to insert your phone number also. Be sure that the digits are correct also

Step Six: Once you have added this, simply press the “Send Pin” bar.

Step Seven: You will then get an OTP number sent to your phone number via SMS.

Step Eight: Take note of the number, and go back to the portal, where you simply add it in the required field.

Step Nine: Once you have inserted the pin and you are sure you made no mistake, now click “Verify Pin”

Step Ten: Finally, you will see the “Cancel My Grant” option. Click on it, and you are good to go.

If you will adhere simply to these instructions as highlighted here, you will easily cancel your Sassa R350 Grant application all by yourself. Indeed, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant application was made with the consideration that the user may want to cancel it whenever the situation demands.

Sassa, the agency coordinating the R350 grant in South Africa has ensured that they put in place a strong structure in which they can serve several purposes with simplicity. Thus, anyone who is qualified for the Grant can easily register for it online, can change their details, and can even decide to cancel their grant.

If you want to know how to cancel your SASSA R350 Grant application, it is something you can get done all by yourself with your mobile phone in the comfort of your home. As far as you can adhere to simple instructions, you can follow the simple steps to cancel your Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 grant application right now.

It should however be noted that only folks who have applied for the Grant can have access to cancel their Sassa R350 grant application. And the only way this can be done currently is online through their official website.

Why Should You Cancel Your Sassa R350 Grant Application?

The fact is, there are different reasons people take the steps to cancel their Social Relief of Distress Grant application R350. First of all, folks that no longer need the grant will have to cancel their application, as well as those that are now getting another government grant or bursary (don’t forget that the SRD R350 grant ought to be channelled to citizens that don’t have alternatives.

Also, those who no longer qualify for the Sassa SRD R350 grant may cancel it too, and this is what they can do online.

Well, let’s say you cancel your grant application when you don’t have to, the good thing is that you can apply again if you cancel your Sassa R350 Grant application. As stated already, the Sassa official website is quite robust, and you can do several things there. Therefore, it is on this same website that you can apply again for your Sassa Social Relief of Distress Grant application after you cancel it in the first place.

Of course, the only vital condition before this can be a reality is that your former application was not successful when you first applied, or you still qualify before you cancelled it. You should not hesitate to apply again if you are sure you are still qualified (that is, you meet all the requirements for the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant). Generally, however, before you click the cancel button for your Sassa r350 grant, it is reasonable that you check your application status.


In Conclusion

The simple answer to the question: How Do I Cancel My Sassa R350 Grant, is that you go to the official website of Sassa and follow the instructions needed to cancel the grant. Of course, just as it is free of charge to apply for the grant, it is also free of charge to cancel it whenever you want to. And if after you have cancelled it, you saw the need to apply again, you can do this with great ease as long as you are qualified for the grant.

Finally, don’t cancel your application when you are not sure that you can get the Grant eventually. You should know that the agency is attending to millions of South Africans, and they need time to get things sorted one after the other. When they are sure you deserve it, your status will change on the system. So, always check your application status before taking any step of this sort.

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