Higher Education And Training Past Exam Papers

In this section, we will provide information on how to access past exam papers and memos for each subject. We will also provide you with information on how to access your results. The Study Guides are designed to assist candidates in preparing for all types of examinations.

Higher Education And Training Past Exam Papers

Welcome to the Higher Education and Training Past Exam Papers page. This is where you can find past exam papers for the various examinations in higher education and training (HE&T) available on this website.

There are two main types of exams: HS and HET. The difference between these two lies in who can take them, how long they last, and how much they cost. The HS is for South African citizens only; whereas the HET is open to anyone who wants to do it!

The exams include ordinary level (O-Level), which lasts 1 year; advanced level (A-Level), which lasts 3 years; national certificate levels 4 & 5 (N4 & N5), which have different lengths depending upon what type you’re studying; diploma programmes offered by colleges like Varsity College, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) etc.; bachelor’s degrees offered by universities such as Stellenbosch University or Rhodes University—and so much more!

Grade 12 Past Exam papers ANA Exemplars Matric Results. Curriculum Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements Practical Assessment Tasks School Based Assessment Mind the Gap Study Guides Learning and Teaching Support Materials

The following resources offer you the opportunity to see what questions you will be facing in the final exams, as well as previous years’ papers.

  • Grade 12 Past Exam Papers ANA Exemplars Matric Results: These past paper sets can be downloaded from the Department of Education website. Answers are available on request but don’t expect them unless you are a student or staff member at a school that uses these question papers.
  • Curriculum Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements Practical Assessment Tasks School Based Assessment Mind the Gap Study Guides Learning and Teaching Support Materials: These are documents from various websites which may include copies of actual assessment tasks or examples of the types of questions that may appear on examinations for specific subjects (for example Mathematics), topic areas (for example Mechanics) and grade levels (Primary Years One – Six). They usually contain sample answers too so make sure not to use them without permission because some teachers will regard this as cheating!

The National Department of Basic Education (NDBE) has come up with an initiative to make it possible for students and teachers to download past exam papers for free. These documents are available in PDF, Word and Word format.

The following is a list of past exams that students can download from the NDBE website:

  • HS Exam Papers 2012
  • HS Exam Papers 2013
  • HS Exam Papers 2014

The following schools should find these resources useful in preparing for their final examinations.

  • Gauteng Department of Education (GDE)
  • Tshwane School Governing Body Association (TSGB)
  • North West Schools Governing Body Association (NWSBGA)
  • Limpopo Schools Governing Body Association (LSGBA)


We have compiled a list of all the matric subject pages where you can find past NSC matric exam papers dating from 2008 plus memos to help you prepare for the matrices. We have also included some other helpful resources on here as well such as links to mind the gap study guides and more useful information about studying for higher education exams

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