Top 10 Furniture Factory Shops In Durban 2022

Should you go out and purchase a new sofa? Or perhaps you’re interested in patio sets. The Furniture Factory Shops In Durban stock a wide variety of household and commercial furniture.

We usually think of either modern or rustic pieces of furniture when we are arranging a home’s interior. Nevertheless, there are intermediate options. The key to giving your home the one-of-a-kind look you want is to skillfully mix and match elements from different design eras.

Whether you need bed, kitchen, or living room furniture, you may get what you need here. If we claim that practicality and ease of upkeep are just as crucial as aesthetics, you will undoubtedly agree.

The greatest furniture stores in Durban are listed here for your convenience. You can get stunning leather seats, workstations, loveseat couches, and more at furniture showrooms organized by some businesses and warehouses.

Top 10 Furniture Factory Shops In Durban 2022

1. PS CARPENTRY – Umzinto

PS CARPENTRY does more than just design and build custom cabinets to suit your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom; they also take care of the installation. Aside from that, they are experts in making TV Stands, Bars, Libraries, Studies, and Reception Desks.


Located in Durban, KZN, they design and make unique furniture. Hardwood, softwood, veneered, wrap, Supawood MDF, plywood, chipboard, UV board, acrylic board, textured board, Niemann board, etc. are all materials they work with. They make one-of-a-kind items for each customer, no matter where they live in Durban (Westville, Ballito, Amanzimtoti, Umhlanga, Chatsworth, Phoenix, Queensburgh, La Lucia, Durban North, Hillcrest, etc.).

You can furnish your home with trendy, high-quality pieces that won’t break the bank owing to their affordable prices on lifestyle furniture. They make exquisitely stylish and sturdy furnishings.

Have them help you design a custom table that fits perfectly in your living room. No particle board or other low-quality wood imitators here. They take pride in the high quality and craftsmanship of their furniture.

3. First Storage Concepts (Pty) Ltd

First has more than 30 years of combined experience in office and storage management, so they can assist you in developing the most efficient office and storage system possible. At no cost, a First Storage expert will travel to your business to learn more about your specific requirements and goals.

The next time you place an order, feel free to inquire about pricing. For all of your storage needs, they offer comprehensive planning and design services. Then, they’ll give you their recommendations and help you create the best possible system.

The time and money you save using these service will allow you to invest in the finest system available.

Any of the high-quality office and storage products you find on their website can be installed alongside their expert planning and design service.

4. Decor Boutique – Wedding & Tiffinay Chairs Decor Hire Pietermaritzburg & Midlands

They provide a wide selection of products, including lounge chairs for hangout areas, formal and formal-occasional seating, classic vases and centerpieces, draping, theme-based decorations, and more. Elegant and comfy seating for every event may be found in the lounge furniture and chill zones.

Modern and ethereal draping and fairy lights are available for your every need. At Seating Plan, they take their cues from the countless love stories they hear and read every day, and they think of wedding planning as a way to create magnificent memories for the happy couple and their guests.

5. The Wood Joint

Wooden decks and its ancillary components, such as boardwalks, are the focus here. Balau is their go-to building material, but they can accommodate special requests for other woods. The Adirondack chairs and picnic tables that populate their backyard are some of their favorite pieces of outdoor furniture. They exclusively utilize high-quality lumber from trusted sources and take pride in the excellence of their finished products.

A sundeck is a worthwhile investment since it may increase the value of your home and give you with years of pleasure and use. They will help you come up with a plan that makes the most of your budget while still meeting your needs, taking into account the state of your current building.

Your deck’s lifespan and the amount you spend on maintenance can both be maximized with the right amount of TLC. The Wood Joint has years of experience in the deck building industry, design, and can advise, maintain, and erect your deck in the most cost-effective and structurally-best ways.

6. Biddulphs International Furniture Removals

7. NEST furniture & storage solutions

8. Nicos Kitchens

9. Shop Fitting Durban


Buying Advice For Household Furnishings

Although it’s important to stay up with the latest developments, there are a few fundamentals that should never be forgotten.

The essential furniture and the available room must be taken into consideration. Take accurate measurements and think carefully about where to put everything.

Think about the things you do in a room on a regular basis to help you create a practical layout.

The furniture that we buy is an investment. Consider your purchase an investment and go for the high-quality options.

Compile the styles of neighboring locations. Take some time to consider the type of wood you’d like your furniture to be made of.

How To Find Good Furniture Stores In Durban.

We work hard so that you may find the greatest products and services in Durban for you and your business. This time around, we wish to provide our assistance in achieving the most beautiful and practical interior design for your home at the lowest possible cost to you.

We’ve compiled a list of the best furniture stores in Durban so you can shop for beautiful and functional pieces for your home or office, including couches, TV stands, accent chairs, and more.

Use the information provided in our directory to get in touch with the best local furniture retailers. We list their phone numbers, addresses, websites, and hours of operation.

You can also check out customer reviews and ratings to learn more about the services. Don’t be shy about adding your two cents if you think it would be helpful to others.

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