Fort Hare University Online Application 2022

Fort Hare University is inviting students to make enquiries about the 2022 application process.

Fort Hare University Online Application 2022

Fort Hare University is inviting students to make enquiries about the 2022 application process. The deadline for submitting applications will be April 2022, and the fee will be R2000.


Application Process: To apply for the Nursing programme, candidates have to fill in the university’s online application form and then scan copies of their transcripts and academic records. All admission documents must be submitted by the deadline.

Application Fee: The application fee for this course is R1200 (one thousand two hundred rand). If you are unable to pay your fees in full, you may qualify for an extension on your payment schedule or an instalment plan that allows you to pay off your fees in monthly installments over a set period of time. You can find out more about these options herat Financial Aid & Scholarships website.

Deadline: Applications close on April 15th 2022; however, there may be additional application deadlines depending on how long it will take applicants to complete their applications due to personal circumstances such as illness or injury affecting their ability to submit all necessary documentation before April 15th 2022 – so keep this in mind when making plans!

Health Sciences

  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc Midwifery
  • BSc Physiotherapy
  • BSc Occupational Therapy
  • BSc Community Health Nursing
  • BSc Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)
  • BSc Medical Imaging Science (MIS)
  • BSc Medical Radiation Sciences (MRD).


Engineering is a field of study that deals with the design and construction of machines, structures, and systems. Engineers apply the principles of mathematics, science, and engineering to find solutions to technical problems.

The term engineering is derived from the Latin word ingenium, which means “cleverness” or “ingenuity”. It was first used in reference to military engines—typically siege engines.

In modern usage it denotes application of scientific knowledge and skill based on mathematical methods for analyzing and solving problems related to technical fields such as mechanical engineering; electrical engineering; civil engineering; structural analysis etc., including some areas overlapping with physics or chemistry

Information Technology and Computer Science

The course is a four-year degree combining theoretical and practical work. It is offered by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, which has been accredited since 2005 by the National Counci…

Management Sciences

Management Sciences Faculty offers a range of undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees and PhDs. The Faculty is housed in the Charles Nqakula Library and the Charles Nqakula Sports Centre.

Management Sciences has a well-established reputation for excellence in teaching, research and community service. Our programmes have been developed by an international team of experts who have extensive experience in their respective fields of study.

The programmes cover areas such as business administration; marketing; finance; human resource management; entrepreneurship; tourism management; hospitality management and hotel management; agriculture economics and rural development (including sustainable agriculture); education leadership (including educational planning); public policy analysis (including economic policy analysis).


The Law course is one of the most popular courses at Fort Hare University. This is because it’s a very practical course, and there are lots of job opportunities in the field.

The Law course at Fort Hare University is also very competitive, so you need to be prepared and know exactly what you want when applying for this course.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Students wishing to pursue Humanities and Social Sciences must have a minimum of six subjects at the Ordinary Level (SL). Students must take Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects. They may choose three other subjects from Arts, Social Sciences or Commerce streams.

Advanced level candidates need to have a minimum of six Advanced level subjects including an African language (AZULA/NDEBELE/SIYOZI) in order to be considered for admission online.


The application process for Fort Hare University is going to be a streamlined one. All you need to do is fill out an online form and then pay the application fee at a bank or post office. It will be worth it, though, because your application will be considered by the university as soon as possible so that you can get accepted before the end of next year!

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