First Year Stellenbosch University Residence Rooms

If you’re a first year student at Stellenbosch University, you’ll be living in one of the university residences. Here, we’ve listed all seven options to help you decide which one is right for you.

First Year Stellenbosch University Residence Rooms

1. Kreupelbosch

Kreupelbosch is the oldest of the four residences. It’s located in the centre of campus and has a more residential feeling than other residences, with plenty of trees and greenery surrounding it.

It’s also the largest residence with almost 400 students living there. This means that they offer lots of activities and events during weekends, including movie nights, quiz nights and live band performances.

2. Coetzenburg

Coetzenburg is a male first-year residence that is also a single-sex residence. It’s located in the historic town centre and next door to the library, making it convenient for students who want to study during their breaks.

It’s only a 5-minute walk from Stellenbosch’s town centre, where you’ll find everything you need: shops, restaurants and bars (and more!).

3. Drostdy-Hof

The Drostdy-Hof is a modern residence with a variety of rooms and facilities. Located on the main campus, it’s the perfect place for first year students to live. The large garden with three tennis courts, and two braai areas makes it great for students who enjoy playing sports or socialising with friends in an open environment.

The Drostdy-Hof is located next to the old residence building Hof Van Holland WG (this has been demolished), and just across from the library, as well as other academic buildings such as Jansen hall and Veale hall which house various academic departments including Computer Science, Economics and Law. The Student Centre is also only a short walk away from your room in this area.

4. Marais Viljoen

Marais Viljoen is a boys’ residence, and is a newly renovated one at that. The rooms are spacious and have a beautiful view of the Vaal Dam. It’s also very quiet, so if you need to study or sleep well, Marais Viljoen will be perfect for you!

5. Jan Marais

  • Jan Marais is the oldest, largest and most expensive residence hall.
  • It has the most amenities such as a gym, pool, study areas and common rooms.
  • It is also the most popular residence hall because of its proximity to the university’s main campus (which has numerous food outlets) and to town centre.

6. Apiesdoring

Apiesdoring is the oldest residence at Stellenbosch University. It’s also a co-ed residence, located on the bottom of the hill, and the closest to all sports fields.

To apply for Apiesdoring your application has to be emailed to [email protected] by 31 October 2018 (5pm). You can find more information about applying here:

7. Truter

Truter is a small residence that offers accommodation for 90 students.

Truter is a co-ed residence.

Truter is also a single-sex residence, with rooms available to both male and female students.

Truter is located on the campus of Stellenbosch University, which means that it’s just 10 minutes away from the town centre by foot or bicycle; however, you can always take advantage of public transport if needed as well!

These are the rooms that you can choose between being in residence.

The First Year Residence is available to first year students only and has a maximum capacity of five students per room, with two sharing a bed.

The Second Year Residence is available to second year students only, and has a maximum capacity of four people per room, with two sharing a bed. Two single beds in each room are available for those who prefer them over bunk beds; however there will be an additional charge for this option as we cannot guarantee that any additional single beds will be available on campus when your booking request comes through.

Third Year Residence is only reserved for third year students during the second term (September – December), but also allows first year & second year students during the first term (January – April). There are no restrictions on how many people can book this type of accommodation at one time: all third years may apply together or separately depending on their situation or preference!


These are the rooms that you can choose to be in residence. The first year students have to apply for their own rooms and they will get it if they have applied by the deadline. All of these buildings have their own unique features which make them unique from each other so choose wisely where you want to stay!

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