Environmental Science Salary Per Month In South Africa

Environmental science is a growing field with a lot of potential. In this blog post, we are going to compare environmental science salary in South Africa against other fields in order to help you decide if this is the right field for you. We will also provide a list of environmental science jobs in South Africa so that you have an idea of what the market looks like and what your career path may be. So whether you are just starting out or looking for a new challenge, read on to learn more about environmental science Salary Per Month In South Africa.

Environmental Science Salary Per Month In South Africa

Environmental science is a field of study that researches the relationship between the environment and human health. As a result, environmental scientists typically earn a higher salary than other scientists in South Africa. According to Figure 1, the average monthly salary for an environmental scientist in South Africa is R24,608. However, this figure varies based on experience and qualifications.

The table below provides an overview of the average salaries for environmental scientists in various regions of South Africa. The table also includes breakdowns by experience and qualification levels.

Figure 1: Monthly Environmental Science Salary In South Africa by Region

What is Environmental Science?

Environmental Science is the study of the interactions between humans and their environment. It encompasses a variety of disciplines, including ecology, chemistry, earth science, environmental engineering, and forestry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), environmental scientists earned an average salary of $42,280 in South Africa in 2016.

The highest-paid environmental scientists in South Africa work for government agencies or universities. They earn an average salary of $60,540 per year. Environmental scientists who work for private companies earn an average salary of $41,840 per year.

What are the Different Fields of Environmental Science?

The environmental science field encompasses a wide range of scientific disciplines that provide information on how our environment affects human health, the economy, and natural systems. This includes fields such as atmospheric sciences, chemical engineering, ecology, environmental chemistry, environmental physics, geography, meteorology, and soil science. Environmental scientists typically work in government agencies or private businesses.

In South Africa, the average salary for an environmental scientist is R246 000 per month. The highest-paying areas of employment for environmental scientists are research and development (45 percent) and management (36 percent). The average salary decreases as experience increases. In comparison, the average salary for all scientific disciplines is R286 900 per month.

How Much Does an Environmental Science Graduate Earn?

An environmental science graduate in South Africa can expect to earn around R27,000 per month on average, depending on their qualifications and experience. This figure is slightly higher for those with a postgraduate qualification, and considerably higher for those with specialist skills or experience. Those with an MSc in Environmental Science will typically earn around R35,000 per month, while those with a PhD will earn upwards of R50,000.

What environmental science careers are in demand in South Africa?

There is a high demand for environmental science professionals in South Africa, as the country endeavours to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and improve its ecological footprint. There are many career options available to those with an interest in environmental science, including research, consulting, policymaking, education, and administration.

A study by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) found that there is a significant shortfall of researchers in the environmental science field. In order to address this shortage, government organizations are increasingly turning to consultants to help them solve specific problems or develop innovative solutions. Consulting opportunities in environmental science can range from providing advice on pollution control to designing new renewable energy technologies.

Environmental scientists may also find employment with government agencies responsible for public health and safety. These agencies may require analysts skilled in epidemiology and risk assessment, among other disciplines. They may also need biologists who can conduct research on water quality and geomorphology, engineers who can design remediation plans for contaminated sites, or social scientists who can provide insights into public attitudes towards climate change.

Those interested in pursuing careers in environmental science should earn a degree in an area such as biology, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, mathematics, or statistics. They should also have experience working with computers and be proficient in English.

The earning potential for a career in environmental science

Environmental science is a rapidly growing field with great earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), environmental scientists earned an average of $58,680 per year as of May 2011. To make this income, environmental scientists usually work in government or private industry. The BLS also reports that environmental scientists are in high demand, with little growth projected for this profession over the next decade.

The highest-paying jobs for environmental scientists fall into two main categories: laboratory research and engineering design. Research scientists who work in laboratories typically earn more than engineers who design products or services. However, the earnings potential for Environmental Science majors depends largely on the area of specialization chosen when entering the workforce. For example, a chemical engineer may have a higher earning potential than a biologist because engineers design products that use chemicals, while biologists research how natural resources can be used productively.

Some careers options for those interested in environmental science include:
-Environmental Science Technician
-Forensic Scientist
-Environmental Health Specialist
-Water Resources Engineer

What are the required qualifications for an Environmental Science career in South Africa?

Environmental science is a field of study that deals with the environment and the impact of human activity on it. In order to work as an environmental scientist in South Africa, you will need to meet certain requirements, including a degree in environmental science or a related field. You will also need to have experience working with environmental data and knowledge of scientific methodologies.

If you are considering a career in environmental science, you’ll want to know about the average salary per month in South Africa. According to the Environmental Science Association of Southern Africa (ESASA), the average monthly salary for an environmental scientist is R16,522. This figure includes salaries for both professionals and students working in this field. If you’re interested in finding out more about what it takes to become an environmental scientist, or if you’re looking to see where your current career stands compared to other options available, be sure to check out our website.

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