Entrepreneurial Development Programme

The Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) is a government initiative that aims to provide support for small business owners. The programme supports and develops small enterprises, from micro-enterprises to medium sized enterprises.

Entrepreneurial Development Programme

Following are some entrepreneurial development program set aside by the government:

1. Business Development Centre

The Business Development Centre (BDC) provides advice to small businesses on business plans, marketing and finance. The centre also holds workshops on writing a business plan and offers training in the use of computers.

2. Business Skill Development Training

Business Skill Development Training:

The business skill development training programme has been developed to provide the students with basic knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and help them develop skills required for management, marketing, accounting and financial management. The course covers topics like Accounting, Financial Management and Human Resource Management etc., which are the areas that form an integral part of business administration. Soft skills such as communication, presentation and personality development are also given importance during this programme.

3. Market Linkage Programme

The Market Linkage Programme focuses on marketing and business development. The course will equip you with the necessary skills to develop a marketing plan for your product or service, and guide you through market research, customer analysis and identification of target markets. You will also gain an insight into how to position your product or service within its competitive environment, as well as how to create effective promotional strategies that are tailored towards specific audiences.

The course is taught by international speakers who have years of experience working in various industries such as retailing and hospitality.

4. Business Monitoring and Mentoring Programme

The Business Monitoring and Mentoring Programme is a key intervention under the Entrepreneurial Development Programme. It is a strategy that helps entrepreneurs to monitor their business performance and identify areas for improvement.

This programme will be carried out by experienced mentors who will provide regular and timely support to your business through mentoring services, training provision, networking opportunities, and access to relevant information.

5. Entrepreneur’s Support Scheme

The Entrepreneur’s Support Scheme is available for start-up businesses and established small businesses in the form of grants and loans. The grant amounts range from $1,000 to $10,000. Loans can be received up to a maximum of $20,000.

The grant amount is awarded on a first come first served basis until funds run out or the closing date passes. Grants will be paid out within 45 days following the close of applications (if you are successful).

Applicants must:

  • Be an individual business owner who owns at least 51 percent of his/her business;
  • Have a good financial track record with no pending bankruptcies or CCJs;
  • Be able to demonstrate that he/she does not have any other sources of capital funding available for their business (e.g., personal savings);
  • Have an idea for an innovative product or service that meets market needs;

6. Interventions for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Support for women entrepreneurs.
  • Start-up assistance, including training in business planning and management.
  • Support for women entrepreneurs to grow their business, including mentoring and networking opportunities.
  • Support for women entrepreneurs to expand their business, including access to capital investments; technical assistance; procurement facilitation; market linkages; and advice on improving product quality or efficiency through research & development activities.
  • Creating jobs through self-employment/entrepreneurship opportunities (especially among young people).
  • Creating wealth through enterprise creation in both urban and rural areas with an aim of increasing household income levels while contributing towards poverty reduction targets set out by national governments

7.  Interventions for Youth Enterprises

Youth Enterprise Development Programme (YEDP) is one of the most important initiatives for youth development in Kenya. It was originally started as a pilot project in several constituencies across the country and has since been adopted by many other counties, including Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. The initiative aims to promote self-employment among young people through skills training and financial support.

The programme supports micro-enterprises run by young people to provide economic opportunities for them outside of formal employment. These enterprises include small businesses such as kiosks or taxi services; home based businesses such as tailoring or baking; food processing farms; cottage industries like carpentry or welding; agribusinesses like tree nurseries or fish farming; community projects such as brick making plants etc. The main aim of this programme is to ensure that every youth has access to a job opportunity within their communities

8. Marketing Support for Rural Industries

You will be provided with marketing support for rural industries, marketing support for women entrepreneurs, marketing support for youth entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. You may also receive marketing support through a programme that provides training on how to promote products or services to the public.

This section provides information on:

  • Marketing Support For Rural Industries
  • Marketing Support For Women Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Support For Youth Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Support For Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

9. To ensure the promotion of sustainable, equitable and inclusive economic growth among small business owners.

The Entrepreneurial Development Programme was established to ensure the promotion of sustainable, equitable and inclusive economic growth among small business owners.

The programme aims to:

  • Promote the development of small business;
  • Promote the growth of small business;
  • Promote the development of small business owners; and
  • Promote the growth of small business owners.


Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to create jobs and increase incomes, especially for women. It is essential that we continue to support these entrepreneurs so that they can use their skills and knowledge to grow their businesses and provide for their families.

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