Duties Of Traffic Officers In South Africa (2024)

Traffic Officers in South Africa are responsible for all traffic issues. They ensure that drivers, pedestrians and cyclists obey all traffic laws and regulations.

Traffic Officers also investigate accidents, gather evidence in criminal cases involving road users; issue summonses; operate speed guns; conduct breathalyser tests on suspected drunk drivers; identify vehicles involved in hit-and-run accidents; apprehend suspects who may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Duties Of Traffic Officer In South Africa

1. Observe and report on the state of traffic in general, as well as on the conduct of drivers. The conduct of drivers is a reflection of the state of traffic, so they must be both observed and reported on.

2. As a Traffic Officer, you are responsible for ensuring that drivers observe the provisions of all relevant road transport legislation. You will be required to enforce this legislation and to ensure that motorists comply with its requirements. Failure on your part to do so can result in serious consequences for yourself and others!

3. To assist at roadblocks, stop and search drivers and their vehicles, as well as motorists who are involved in traffic accidents.

4. You will be required to identify the driver of a vehicle (ie identity number), the vehicle itself and its passengers. If a passenger has been injured or killed by a collision involving any motor vehicle, you must identify what your duties are towards this person.

You must also identify if there were any other passengers in his/her vehicle or any other motor vehicles involved in the said collision.

5. As a traffic officer, it is your job to ensure the proper recording of traffic offences. You need to be able to establish the identity of offenders and obtain their particulars. You will then issue them with citations for offences.

6. You will be expected to work with a team of officers who are responsible for enforcing laws and regulations related to the operation of motor vehicles and pedestrians.

7. You will also have to deal with complaints from members of the public relating to traffic offences, or any other matters arising out of your duties as a traffic officer. Traffic officers may operate on foot or in marked police vehicles.

The role of the Traffic Officer is therefore critical in terms of enforcing road transport legislation and ensuring that all motorists are compliant with it.

Traffic Officers have been given special powers by law which allow them to carry out their duties properly. These include powers such as:

– stopping vehicles at random places

– conducting breathalyser tests on drivers suspected of drunk driving

– issuing summonses for non-compliance with traffic laws

– impounding vehicles

– suspending licences or confiscating licenses if necessary, etc.

The department will supply you with all the necessary equipment needed during your journey as well as provide transportation services when needed (if required).



The traffic officer is one of the most important people in the community. He or she is responsible for all traffic issues and investigating accidents among other duties.

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