Does Nsfas Fund Higher Certificates At UJ? (2024)

NSFAS funding is one of the most desirable bursary schemes in South Africa.

It’s a popular choice for students due to its large financial assistance packages and ease of access.But if you don’t have an NSFAS bursary and need financial assistance, there are still other options available to you as well as some important factors to consider when applying for these funds.

Does Nsfas Fund Higher Certificates At UJ?

The NSFAS funding application process is long and complicated. It takes a considerable amount of time, but can be made easier by following these steps:

Review the Bursary Requirements section on this page to see if you meet the requirements for your course. If not, you will need to complete a separate application with your university or college.

Once you have determined that your university or college approves your course as one that can be funded under NFSB, begin preparing your application by completing sections A through F below:

Section A – Your Personal Details (include name) Section B – Education History/Qualifications/Experience * Academic record (list available degrees and awards) including dates of study; qualifications gained during training courses; employment history where applicable; etc.;

Work experience related to education obtained at UJ only if relevant – maximum two years after graduation date should be indicated here too depending on what type of work experience was gained i.e., full-time employment vs part time working etc.;

Contact details such as mobile number + email address so we may contact them directly if necessary

Someone else needs to sign off before submitting this form – either yourself or someone else who has submitted an application form similar enough so they know what needs done next…

NSFAS bursary requirements.

NSFAS bursary requirements are based on the type of institution you are studying at and the degree you are studying.

For example, if you have a Bachelor’s degree, then your NSFAS bursary requires that it be 20% or more of your annual maintenance grant (AMG). This means that if your AMG is R3 500 per month and if the minimum required contribution from NQFAS was R3000 per month, then this would mean that for every R100 earned by someone who has never been previously awarded an NQFAS award – they would still need to contribute another R100 towards their monthly AMG allowance.

Your NSFAS payment will not be affected by how much money is left in your bank account after paying off all debts such as rent and bills; however there may be other factors affecting what happens next with regards to payments made towards tuition fees etcetera…

NSFAS Short Course Funding

The NSFAS short course is a structured program that offers you the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge in a specific area of study. You can take up any short course offered by Uj and apply for funding if you have been registered as an undergraduate student at the time of application.

The standard length of each course is 20 weeks, with a duration of 3 days per week (Monday to Friday).

NSFAS Qualifying Courses.

NSFAS funding is available for students who need financial assistance to study at public Universities and TVET Colleges.

The National Senior Certificate (NSC) is a national qualification that is recognised by employers as well as government departments, universities and other institutions. The NSC was introduced in South Africa in 1998 with the aim of providing young people with the skills necessary for employment opportunities within the country’s economy.

It has been developed by government through an agreement with the South African Council on Higher Education (SACHE), which administers all aspects of higher education in South Africa

NSFAS is one of the largest bursary schemes in South Africa, also offering student loans as part of its funding packages. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides funds for students who need financial assistance to study at public Universities and TVET Colleges.

To apply for an Nsfas loan you must have a valid student ID number before applying online or by calling on 0800 200 222 or visit their website at



There are many students who qualify for NSFAS funding and it is a well known fact that this scheme has helped many young people to pursue their studies. The application process is easy and straightforward, but there are some conditions that need to be met before applying.

You can find more information on the NSFAS website or by calling them directly with any questions regarding your qualifications or eligibility requirements

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